In your browser, you may now play EVE Online

In your browser, you may now play EVE Online

EVE Online is known for its player-led economy and the many player-led heists that occur within it. If I was in the midst of a long con to separate someone from their hard-earned spaceships, I''d likely want to be able to access EVE Online as easily as possible, and from many locations.

EVE Anywhere is fully licensed today, providing you with streaming EVE Online from the cloud, as long as your internet connection is quick enough to handle it.

EVE Anywhere will be available in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge, as well as on both the PC and tablet. CCP recommends a connection speed of 25Mbps or higher, and it''s only currently available in the United States and (most of) Europe.

EVE Anywhere was first launched in October last year as a beta only available to EVE Online''s premium "Omega" players. Today''s launch marks its end from beta, while also confusingly making it available to players using the game''s free and limited "Alpha" accounts. Although it is currently 30 PLEX (an EVE Online currency) for 24 hours of access. 50 PLEX costs you 2.

I''ve encountered a few games in my life that I''ve never wanted to play them before, mostly because I left my computer running at home and connected to it remotely using third-party apps. It''s not like it''ll appeal to some of the game''s notorious die-hards.

CCP are aware that their space MMO needs, as always, to do better at appealing to new players. Jeremy Peel recently attended this year''s EVE Fanfest for us and reported back on their latest efforts.

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