The Marvel Snap is a new card game developed by some of the former Hearthstone developers

The Marvel Snap is a new card game developed by some of the former Hearthstone developers

Marvel heroes and villains clash in card form

A new collectible card game combines superheroes and villains with some digital card game experience. This is a new CCG set in the Marvel universe, led by a team founded by previous developers.

Before embarking on somegameplay, we get a good look at the general art style. This strategy involves a multiverse approach, with a slew of Marvel characters represented in card forms.

As players scatter cubes and zones, decks have 12 unique cards. Both players play simultaneously, fighting for cosmic cubes.

There are also several locations to win, and the ability to double-down if you think youe certain to win. This is a bit surprising. More cards and variants are also expected to roll out, with different appearances for Marvel characters.

While its free-to-play, every card will be available through gameplay. Its a mobile game, but the studio is also developing an early PC version to support the worldwide release.

Snap your fingers

Second Dinner, a team formed by several former developers, has had an interesting start. Today''s gameplay reveal features that often familiar faces for longtimeplayers are seen, and it''s cool to finally see what they''ve been working on alongside Marvel and Nuverse.

There isn''t yet a long deadline for the launch, but a closed Android beta is currently open for sign-ups. There are several options for theAndroid closed beta here. However, those who are already involved will lose their progress, as the close beta progress progress continues.

While we''ve seen single-player games liketo a card-driven tactical game in the upcoming, the portable quick-play potential ofcertainly appeals to the card player in me.

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