McGregor, Christensen, and Ingram Are Hearing Star Wars Questions

McGregor, Christensen, and Ingram Are Hearing Star Wars Questions

There are a lot to explore about going into the Disney+ series, which aims to bridge the gap between 2005 and 1977, when the title character of Ewan McGregor is found to be in hiding following the Jedi purge Order 66. The show, directed by McGregor, explores the history of the Jedi as a secret guardian of Luke Skywalker, and discusses the use of Moses Ingram as an inquisitor.

Ingram said that "he''s kind of intelligent and very patient on her feet" when asked if one person was willing to do what he believes is right, even if no one else disagrees on what he does. After a week-long process, Ingram discussed the writer''s findings. Deborah Chow spoke up.

McGregor cited the blue and green screen environments he needed to build on with the prequels, according to Ingram. Christensen describes his childhood habit of starting to refrain from making lightsaber noise during combat scenes. Then, picking their most memorable scene was difficult for McGregor, and Ingram''s was her first scene in leaving the ship.

Ingram, who is new to Star Wars, described the benefits of not having a legacy character. "It''s incredibly daunting," said the director. "I''m sure I''ll hear about it and that''s scary." I''m also stepping in as a person who has never seen Star Wars before. I''m also impressed by the depth of the world that George Lucas built, and the escapism. It also provides me, very fortunate now. I''ve been very, very happy to join

The Volume, a high-density LED video walls that replaced the standard green screen, was seen as "incredible" while Ingram felt fortunate to not have to experience the difficulties her co-stars faced while filming the prequels. "I never had to pretend or imagine where I was,," she said. "I feel really blessed that I could just walk in and be in whatever environment I was in," she said. "I think it was one of my favorite things about discovering the series."

The final question was whether the actor can meet one Star Wars character, who would it be, and why? "Well, I''d like to meet Jar Jar again," McGregor said. "I liked working with Ahmed Best, who played Jar Binks in all three films. I guess I''m going with Yoda just to see if he can get some of his knowledge,," Christensen said. In seven of the nine episodic films, Frank Oz voiced Yoda. on Disney+.

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