As its first narrative Mystery goes live, Sea of Thieves is naming all clue hunters

As its first narrative Mystery goes live, Sea of Thieves is naming all clue hunters

The sixth season of Sea of Thieves might be a while back, but Rare has a little something up is sleeve before Season 7 arrives, and the new multiplayer pirate adventure, called Mysteries.

Mysteries were originally discussed back in January, when Rare laid out its plans for the Sea of Thieves in 2022. This year, if you''re unaware, is a continuous, season-spanning narrative that will progress across monthly in-game story episodes known as Adventures.

With three Adventures under its belt, Rare is prepared to begin the other major component of 2022''s ambitious narrative plans: Mysteries.

Mysteries are similar to side stories that play out in parallel with the main overarching plot of Sea of Thieves. However, unlike Adventures, which are linked to major game upgrades, Mysteries will continue to progress continuously throughout the day.

The way Mysteries will manifest in the world, how players will be able to interact with them, and how progress will be triggered is still unambiguous. Rare is also very adept at explaining why it does say that Mysteries have been designed to engage the whole Sea of Thieves community and will play out through a combination of in-game puzzle-solving and sleuthing around other Sea of Thieves channels.

In Rare''s introductory video above, things start with a traditional murder mystery on the waves. Pirates might be able to enquire a few clues to get things started.

Since the Sunken Kingdom update from last September, the Sea of Thieves hasn''t seen much in the way of significant additions, and Adventures so far haven''t done much to fill the content gap. Hopefully, with the third piece of its narrative puzzle now in place, Rare will finally find its rhythm and begin to deliver a anchor in 2022.

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