The God of War Ragnarok organization is making a bigger effort to increase access

The God of War Ragnarok organization is making a bigger effort to increase access

Aiming to be the most accessible ever

Last thing we learned, the Santa Monica Studio team was putting down, hard at work on, and nothing new to show just yet. Today, the developers had something new to share about the sequels'' enhanced accessibility capabilities, including better controller remapping and enhanced customization to our combat and interaction system.

Mila Pavlin, an iconic UX designer, will highlight the accessibility features featured in the PC version of (2018): auto sprint, an always-on reticle, and a hold or toggle toggle on/off option for the aim stance and shield stance.

These are just a few returning options. In a PlayStation Blog post exposing some of the new features (with image and video examples included in the article), Pavlin said there will be more than 60 approaches to modify gameplay to best suit your style and requirements.

Here''s an example of an audio cue in action (and it will have its own volume slider):

Expanded accessibility features in

More engaging subtitles and captions, visual indicators for sound cues, text size and UI scaling options, high contrast settings, navigation and traversal assist, and controller remapping are among the new accessibility features for.

There will be a wide range of preset layouts as well as custom controller remapping capabilities. Individual buttons can be swapped and, for select complicated actions, you may select alternate configurations from a preset list.

For some tasks that require more than one button, we offer a variety of ways to customize your experience, including Touch Pad Shortcuts for things such as Spartan Rage, Navigation Assist, and Quick Turn.

The studio in Santa Monica wants to be the most accessible location in the world.

To accomplish this, today''s Global Accessibility Awareness Day preview was not exhaustive, and players may also expect other categories of accessibility features such as combat/aim assists, puzzle/minigame assist, HUD adjustments, camera tuning, auto pick up.

It will take some time to look through the options and tailoring them to you''re looking for.

The PS4 and PS5 will be released in 2022.

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