Wordle's Answer for May 20 (Puzzle 335) - Hints, clues, andsolution

Wordle's Answer for May 20 (Puzzle 335) - Hints, clues, andsolution

With today''s Wordle answer for May 20, get started on Friday.

Were on puzzle 335, and this is the last time for a while the 5th day of the week will line up with a 5 at the end of the puzzle number.

Hopefully its a great week, as you try to guess five correct letters and turn the entire Wordle green. Green letters signifie you have the correct letter in the correct place, while orange letters are ones that appear in the word but are in the wrong place.

Out of tens of thousands of possibilities, it can be quite challenging to even narrow down a guess. As well as the answer and a few suggestions and clues to get you started if you were stuck, weve also got a running list of previous puzzles so you know what you have already received.

Clues and hints for Today''''s Wordle Answer

There were always going to be disappointments on your way to a win-streak high score in Wordle.

Try not to rage too hard, however, as we have compiled a few helpful tips to help you get started.

Your clues are:

  • Todays answer contains 2 vowels
  • The vowels are not next to each other
  • The answer describes the readers of this website and you playing Wordle

In Wordle puzzles, all of these words have been used in the last couple of weeks. They won''t come up twice, but you may still guess them if you need some letter ideas.

  • #320 - Homer - May 5
  • #321 - Badge - May 6
  • #322 - Midst - May 7
  • #323 - Canny - May 8
  • #324 - Shine - May 9
  • #325 - Gecko - May 10
  • #326 - Farce - May 11
  • #327 - Slung - May 12
  • #328 - Tipsy - May 13
  • #329 - Metal - May 14
  • #330 - Yield - May 15
  • #331 - Delve - May 16
  • #332 - Being - May 17
  • #332 - Scour - May 18
  • #332 - Glass - May 19

Todays Wordle Answer May 20th

Today, the answer to Wordle is a gamer.

While the most obvious term is someone who loves playing video games, you might also use a gamer as an adjective to say someone was more game than someone else; as in them they were more willing to do something.

This reflects the double usage of the suffix -er to both identify someone as belonging to a group, hobby, or profession, and to compare something to something else.

The various forms of adjectives are somewhat different, with the comparison adjective usage coming from middle and old English, while the noun usage also roots in old French and Latin.

This puzzle might be done for today, but there are a lot more fun word games available on the internet, such as Wordle.

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