Classic PlayStation Plus games like Syphon Filter will feature trophies

Classic PlayStation Plus games like Syphon Filter will feature trophies

Some of us are surprised by the gift of trophy support.

Classic PlayStation games will be available on PS4 and PS5 in June, with the new $120-per-year PlayStation Plus Premium class, and as it turns out, they will have trophies at least, some of the games will. In a surprise video, Bend Studio shared a brand-new trophy, An Explosive Start, for the PS1 classic.

Eric Jensen, the design manager for Bend Studio, said in a response to a twitter user that he provided some of [the trophies], mostly naming. Imagine the possibilities.

Incoming From Bend Studio

Syphon Filter will include Trophies when it launches on the all-new PlayStation Plus, according to Agency intel.

Bend Studio is hiring! (@BendStudio) May 19, 2022

In a follow-up tweet, the studio claimed that there is even a Platinum trophy: Excellent work, Agent!

Is it possible to incentivize PlayStation Plus Premium by wearing classic trophies? I''m certain that a lot of people have experienced advancements and/or trophies at one point or another in their lives, but they may be lost in the long run.

Yeah, trophy perks are attracting interest, especially since some classics will be available for individual use on PS4 and PS5, according to Sony. Better yet, select games from the original PlayStation and PSP generation will not require a new purchase if you previously purchased a digital version. Ill definitely qualify for some of them.

The PS1 and PSP games we know about so far

A double-take at Sony''s early look at the PlayStation Plus Premium classic game list. It seemed so bare-bones! On the PS1 and PSP front, weve got,,,, and. Now, presumably, this highly-curated list makes more sense if all (or even most) classic PlayStation games support trophies. I fear a drip-feed, however.

Worth reaffirming: at least some classics will have better frame rates and resolutions, and select PS1 and PSP games will have a new user interface with menus that allows you to save your game at any time, or even rewind the game if you want a do-over.

I wish all cards were on the table, but I appreciate how the launch lineup lands and how it might expand over time. Hopefully the inclusion of trophies isn''t a trade-off, and lots of good old games find their way onto PS4 and PS5.

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