The Secretlab Magnus Gaming Desk and L-Shape Extension are being reviewed

The Secretlab Magnus Gaming Desk and L-Shape Extension are being reviewed

Secretlab''s Magnus Gaming Desk was a great choice, but it couldn''t afford it until it became a necessity to have a regular desk, due to the fact that it is almost become a requirement to have an L-Shaped desk. Which, unfortunately, the Magnus did not offer until now! In late April the company released a new addition to the desk, which included a new extension and all of the equipment. How did the desk work out, and how did it work out? I decided to remove

First and foremost, let''s get to the point where you will need to purchase the main desk for the L-Shape, since they are not sold as a package agreement. Secretlab, as of when we''re writing this, does not have a two-in-one package agreement. This is because you first have to build the primary desk, which I used with a friend, as you''re basically required to do this alone. Especially since the desk has over 100 lbs. of components for both units.

The primary desk was quite straightforward to set up, as you can see from the pictures below and the bottom. Secretlab''s system, which I''ve appreciated on their chairs over the years, is that they make assembling things about as straightforward as possible. This desk is then completed on the long side, and is then placed on the extension. depending on what you need.

One of the memories I remember during putting this together was the addition of cardboard to the L-Shape kit. This extension only has three legs, therefore in order to make it work, you have to take a leg from the main table and place it on the extension temporarily. Which I found for enjoyment that this piece of cardboard was holding up so much weight while we was doing it.

Once the desk was completed, here''s a list of certain things. First off, the desk is a Magnetic Leatherette Desk Mat, which you can get in one of the many patterns. Most of them are esports teams, therefore we chose to use the Secretlab technique of black with red trimming. These desks have several components that can help you keep things organized, including a magnet. These are powerful little suckers that attach to the top with a hollowed-out strip to run a cable through.

I walked my charging cables along the edge of one side. I can now pull these out for whatever length I need, then push them back to hide the cord while still maintaining them on my desk and within reach when needed. This is a brilliant technique that can be used along the sides of the table and the legs for any smaller cables you need.

Before discussing cable management, here''s a look at the Management Tray. This tray in the back allows for cables to be easily stored. A Nanoleaf MAGRGB lighting strip is a necessity for this desk. Aside from the fact that it will make the wall behind you look cool and light up the area a little, the key element to this is that you have a light to see where everything is even in the dark when managing your cables.

I changed the lights to purple to show that even with a darker color, you can easily access the tray and manage cables from above. In the event that the tower is secure and secure, the desk will not provide any power supply! I should point out that this Secretlab desk does not have a power source!

These Magnetic Cable Sheaths, which you can see here, are positioned on the table to facilitate the concealing and managing of cables running down to the floor. With the exception of a couple of cords that were too short to put behind it with ease, this has taken the vast majority of everything going to my power source and hidden it off to the side. It''s amazing camouflage and management that will make your office look clean.

When you put everything together, you get an amazing look. This is a look at my incredibly geeky for its own good desk after putting everything together. While I can''t do much for that one black wire in the background going to another room, everything else has been pretty well concealed and managed to make the desk look quite tidy.

This is a small piece of equipment you may purchase separately, but I wanted to point out that it''s almost another requirement if you''re a hardcore gamer. Here you can store the headset next to you so it''s not just getting worn away on a metal hook in the event you don''t use it for a moment. I thought this was a great addition, because not everyone is a keyboard player.

This is a fantastic addition to the Secretlab Magnus Gaming Desk. It provides additional space that some of us need, fits onto the desk with ease, and doesn''t feel like a cheap accessory. This shouldn''t surprise anyone, as an extension currently sells for $450. It should, nevertheless, be avoided if you already have the main desk, and it is also a great addition. So it''s up to you if it''s worth the money.

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