Is it possible to escape from Tarkov's new event so good?

Is it possible to escape from Tarkov's new event so good?

Friday is approaching, so Battlestate Games is attempting to build up another Escape From Tarkov event. Fridays are days when Battlestate Games enlists a new event within Escape From Tarkov, allowing players to have fun over the weekends. This Thursday, Battlestate Games uncovered a real-life video in which a Scav is recording a goodbye video.

In this video, he reveals that he discovered a phone used by the Raiders and believes it to be the best to sell the phone to the Rogues as they may find it quite fascinating. Besides, he advises Chepushila (Scavs name) to send the video to all sources if hes not back in 48 hours. However, this certainly narrows to a new event in the Tarkov area. Battlestate Games'' official Twitter profile


Battlestate Games (@bstategames) May 12, 2022

The recording is in Russian language. It is then translated to this:

If I was to guess, Raiders are likely to expand their operations in several areas beyond Labs in order to locate the missing phone. This may result in Raiders joining other maps, similar to those that happened in previous events.

We do not believe that this event is related to a quick wipe. It might be something related to Escape From Tarkovs, but we are skeptical that a wipe will be released soon. Yet, June remains one of the best months for a wipe.

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