Fans of EastEnders rejoice as an old favourite makes a triumphant comeback!

Fans of EastEnders rejoice as an old favourite makes a triumphant comeback!

After Thursday''s episode, viewers were punching the air in triumph when a character entered the Vic they hadn''t seen in a long time. However, this wasn''t a surprise from the past, as is an old face from the Slaters or the Mitchells.

This was because of Linda Carter''s recovery from alcoholic beverages and becoming increasingly alienated from her family strutting into the Vic with a new twist and her old attitude. And fans were delighted to see ''their'' Linda Carter return.

The finale, however, began with a defeated Linda planning to leave the Square.

Janine, who was preparing to give Linda cash to recover from Walford, turned down Linda''s offer to give their marriage a second chance. She subsequently decided to take the money and run.

She asked her family for her apologise from her recent behaviour, although Mick and Nancy didn''t realize this was actually Linda saying her goodbyes.

Zack realised something was up, and later caught Linda packing her belongings.

As he learned how his mother''s departure when he was young had affected him, Zack and Linda feared that she would never forgive her if she did the same to her friends.

Linda was given time to think during the chat.

Janine spent the whole day relaxing together with Mick, Ollie, and Scarlett, revelling in her new family life.

When, on your cue, in walked Linda...

This was a Linda we hadn''t seen in a long time, with a killer outfit, her hair coiffured and her make-up on point.

It was a Linda who meant business.

Furious Janine requested her money back as Linda had gone back on their offer. But Linda contacted Mick and asked him how she would feel knowing that Janine had paid his kids to leave.

Linda said, "You listen to me," she said. "I''m staying. For good. Because there is nothing in this world that might make me leave my children. Not 50 grand, not alcoholism, and certainly not you.

"Now, now," she pleaded with a triumphant disgrace. "Have a lovely evening."

It was a fun day to see Linda return to work, and she was so satisfied.

"The hairdo. The Pink." One shook hands with the other. "Queen Linda Cater is back!"

YES LINDA!!! Armed with a fab new do! We have our Linda back! #EastEndersMay 19, 2022

Queen Linda Carter is returning on May 19, 2022.

Powerful Linda has returned and im so ready to see her takedown Janine. She may have setbacks, but she will do it. #EastEndersMay 19, 2022

Various reactions from neighbors on the Square were also positive about the prospect of a massive new conflict, comparing Janine and Linda to two classic soap enemies from Dynasty''s Krystle and Alexis and Walford!

Yes, Linda is back!!! #EastEnders I''m getting Krystal versus Alexis vibes with Linda and Janine!! 19, 2022

The Peggy Vs Pat conflict was over again for the next generation. Mick needs to practice his Frank sense... This Linda Vs Janine confrontation may have been achieved.May 19, 2022

The Peggy Vs Pat war continued with the next generation. Mick must practice his Frank impression...#Eastenders may have struck gold with this Linda Vs Janine rivalry.May 19, 2022

Will Janine admit defeat? Or will she yelling to turn the tables on Linda? on BBC One, Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm

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