Fans respond to a shady Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson tweet on The Kardashians

Fans respond to a shady Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson tweet on The Kardashians

It''s funny watching on Hulu when you already know how the majority of the stories will be ended due to 24-hour social media and the Kardashian-Jenner clan''s sheer ubiquity, and even non-fans know more details than they''d like to admit about Hollywood''s most famous family.

If Kim Kardashian passes the baby bar exam, Scott Disick feels "left out" from the family now that ex Kourtney Kardashian is engaged to Travis Barker. We also already know about Khloe Kardashian''s relationship with basketball player and baby daddy Tristan Thompson, which makes seeing the villain before everything hits the fan even more hampered.

Let''s go back to basics by this point in the season, Khloe and Tristan are taking another shot after infidelity on his part, while Khloe insists in a confessional during an earlier episode: "We''re both good. We just got back together. He''s been going to therapy a lot. There''s just been a lot of effort on his part."

While Khloe''s ex picks up his kids from Kim, we see the twosome accumulating time together in the May 19 episode. Khloe asks Tristan if he believes it''s odd that the Kardashians'' exes are still members of the family.

"Is this not the most likely either an individual would say, "What an amazing family that you guys keep everyone around at all times," or are you like ''How does this family still keep all these guys around?'' Like once you''re in, it''s like the mob, you can''t get out," she tells him.

Khloe expresses his gratitude to all of our friends throughout his lifetime. "We are great co-parenters, we excel at working together. We''ve learned from my mom and my dad," he adds. Her father and stepfather would go golf once a week.

"Like Scott is never leaving, Kayne is never living," Khloe tells Tristan. "Looks like you''re never leaving! We''re all here forever."

Tristan advises her: "No, no, more like never leaving me."

Because what Khloe does not know yet (but the audience does) is that at the same time of this conversation, Tristan had committed infidelity and impregnated a lady named Maralee Nichols.

It''s no surprise, therefore, that fans had to say about the foreshadowing moment between the two.

Fans respond to the *that* Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson sensation.

#TheKardashiansMay 20, 2022

I really feel for herMay 20, 2022, having a bad time seeing khloe and tristan in #TheKardashians.

#TheKardashiansMay 19, 2022 is the definition of an illness.

Khloe to Tristan: Scott is never leaving, Kanye is never leaving Tristan to the camera: #TheKardashians 19, 2022

Khloe said that our family look has a strong bond with her w/Tristan #TheKardashiansMay 19, 2022.

Watching khole and tristan crack me up every time. stand up khole. #TheKardashiansMay 20, 2022

Khloe demonstrating how protective Tristan is of his family made me feel sad and uncomfy. She deserves anything more. #TheKardashiansMay 19, 2022

Khloe is so saddened. Tristan is like a little boy he doesnt deserve to be married to the parents #TheKardashiansMay 19, 2022

Khloe was just more like youre never leaving me. The audacity! #TheKardashiansMay 20, 2022

Tristan has informed KHLOE several times now she will never leave him, but I want to mock #TheKardashiansMay 19, 2022

There''s a lot of Kanye & Tristan here in TheKardashians. Are we almost at the point where Khloe finds out (again)?May 20, 2022

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