Destiny 2 has launched a Xur hostage exploitation, and has sent a combined of 1700 players to the game

Destiny 2 has launched a Xur hostage exploitation, and has sent a combined of 1700 players to the ga

Bungie news posts that provide a constant update on the popular sci-fi MMOFPS on May 19 issue have revealed that Xur, the NPC that provides exotics and other valuable weaponry, is under some changes that while small, have essentially killed a whole-community of Destiny players.

First, an explanation on how these players was messing with the game. Xur, the squid-faced NPC who has long been a popular figure in the Destiny series, works on a weekly cycle. He disappears for a few days before appearing in a random spot on the weekend in one of the games open world maps with a fresh inventory of exotic weapons, armour, and legendary equipment for sale.

As you may imagine, he''s always worth a visit for every player! While the more challenging, stat-focused community can sometimes grab an especially great piece once in a while. But what if Xur doesn''t have something you need? The Discord community of Xur is a must.

This community would build a store right next to Xur if he had to leave and stay in an instance, and he would be open for business when he had agreed on some much needed R&R. From there, players who waited next past the daily reset will see a new set of items in Xurs inventory. This is only a fraction of your chances of getting a god roll.

This, in Destiny 2 circles, practice of holding Xur hostage is evidently not an intended feature and something that was previously written on the walls. Banshee, the gunsmith vendor in The Tower, had a similar exploit that was removed from the game some time ago. However, the news remained dampening for Xur Instance Discord''s and established Xur hostage taker Ozberix.

I''ve experienced a bit of sadness as it is something I''ve been attempting to do every week writes Ozberix. I am active in other servers where I post my Xur instances. [When] the owner made an announcement and decided to let the server implode on each other and had a server party. I guess in summary, most people are dissatisfied but we expected bungie to patch it at some point.

Since Witch Queen was released, we had a bug where the majority of the drops [stat scores] were in the total of 40''s and with maintenance nearly every week the demand and availability had decreased. A few months back as well we noticed that Banshee rolls were patched and we all assumed that the time would come when this was fixed permanently.

The owner of the Discord server, Eyelivia, shared this sentiment. I think it''s a bit dismal, but the ability to attend every weekly reset was somewhat of a small event in its own way, but I think it was inevitable that Bungie stopped it.

Almost immediately, the Discord opened with pings, memes, copypasta, and fond farewells. From there, members including Ozberix and Eyelivia have begun posting alternative servers where they can meet with their friends from the start. The server is currently owned by Ozberix, who is still developing a strategy with the move.

I love this game because I love the community that has been built and I love being able to assist people with GM''s and other PvE activities every season. I would like to keep the community that has gathered up on the Xur server, and either merge or merge into another Destiny 2 server, although that is still going to happen internally as the servers future is unknown.

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