This V Rising map reveals boss locations, key items, and more

This V Rising map reveals boss locations, key items, and more

As you develop your castle, either solo or as a clan, you''ll be spending a lot of time consuming blood and collecting resources to upgrade your gear and humble abode. In V Rising, you take on the role of a vampire (who''d have thought it?) as you craft and battle your way to stardom.

The map for V Rising consists of five areas where each region has multiple strong enemies known as Blood Bosses who gain their strength and power as a vampire. As you constantly seek to improve your status as a vampire in Vardoran, you''ll want to defeat these enemies and dispel them from the areas.

Finding bosses isn''t the easiest task, however. In fact, finding a slew of things in V Rising can be troubling; plenty of players have needed help with finding the likes of iron or the rare Unsullied Hearts. Fortunately, MapGenie have developed a comprehensive map of every region in V Rising, including the locations of boss locations, materials, and more.

V Rising Boss Map Locations

The interactive map, which can be found by visiting this link to MapGenie, shows all of the areas across the map. From Dunley Farmlands to Silverlight Hills, the team have worked tirelessly to identify the locations of each camp or farm as well as other areas of interest.

If you don''t feel like going with one of the larger bosses, the map also lists all Blood Bosses, and lists them level. Depart from the menu, it identifies who has found elite enemies, golems, and creatures for that sweet Blood Essence.

The map does a great job of highlighting topics of interest and boss battles, but it also outlines where you may go gathering materials for crafting or looting chests. Although the map is still a work in progress, it is being updated as people discover more in several sections, as well as a wide variety of marked chests, ores, and other important items you''ll need before the game.

MapGenie''s maps are fully customizable, so you can select the single thing you''re looking for and the map will display it to you. It''s a tad overwhelming jumping into the map and seeing everything marked, but you can simply click on the items you don''t know right now, and only markers for what you need will be shown!

When it comes to locating the bosses or finding crafting supplies, this map has been unimaginably beneficial. Check out our guide to V Rising''s employees.

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