Alan Carr and Amanda Holden join forces for a brand-new renovation event in Italy

Alan Carr and Amanda Holden join forces for a brand-new renovation event in Italy

Alan Carr and judge Amanda Holden will meet forces for a new BBC renovation program, which sees the pair renovate a crumbling property in Italy.

The eight-part series will follow the real life best friends as they join the line-up of One Euro home buyers buying their own dreamy property at a cheap price in a quiet neighborhood in Sicily.

With a combined desire for travel and interior design, they will spend the summer exploring the Sicilian tradition of living, while transforming their defunct property into a luxurious holiday home.

The entertainers have never done a project like this before, but that does not hinder them from having a look at plumbing, painting, plastering, and other skills to transform the spectacular property.

Despite trying their dab hands at some DIY, they will be recruiting local tradespeople to show them the ropes and assist keep the project on track.

In the meantime, Alan and Amanda, two of the nations'' most-loved celebrities, will be introducing themselves into local Sicilian life, making friends with their neighbors, and exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Sicily.

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The property will be on sale until the end of summer, and all of the proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization.

"After two series of sessions, I feel now it is time for me to punch my hard hat on, slip on my steel toe capped boots, and really get my hands dirty. Working in beautiful Sicily with one of my dearest friends is like Ive won the jackpot. Expect a summer of drilling, demolition, and hopefully la dolce vita!

Alan and I discussed completing this project together and approached the BBC as we discovered it was the perfect house.

"We''ll both be very passionate about interior design, and we''ll be very hands on, injecting some much needed life into a Sicily area that''s in need of holden & Carr magic. I''m still fairly practical and organized than Alan. He''s also up for some shameless bargaining to help us keep on budget!

"We''ve already begun filming, and one thing for sure, we''re not shy of a power tool!"

The release date for the film has not been announced.

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