Twitchchannel, the Xbox sign language, has been issued

Twitchchannel, the Xbox sign language, has been issued

Xbox now has a second Twitch channel dedicated to signing language broadcasts.

The Xbox Play team has daily streames on the main Xbox Twitch channel. Since April, the team has partnered with Sorenson (a communications company with the largest worldwide interpreter base) to launch a dedicated ASL channel with around 25 hours of streames a week.

Forza Horizon 5 has included sign language support - both American and British - as a result of this.

Watch it on YouTube.

In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the news is added to Microsoft''s expanded Xbox access capabilities.

Anita Mortaloni, Xbox''s director of accessibility, posts an Xbox Wire, revealing new features and highlighting Microsoft''s commitment to accessibility.

Players may change their preferences by selecting and filtering by accessibility features in the Xbox store. These include changes last year, including changes to their difficulty, visual abilities, and input remapping.

The Xbox Accessibility Guidelines have been revised to include mental health best practices, including information on representation and content warnings. There is also a new Gaming Accessibility Resource Hub for developers.

In partnership with the PEEL school, Minecraft has a new World, where students may learn more about identifying and eliminating accessibility barriers.

"Nothing should be done between players and the games they love," Mortaloni said. We are dedicated to developing accessibility solutions that help alleviate play barriers and facilite connection.

"In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Xbox is excited to share some ways players can connect with the community and creators, new resources for game creators, and more accessibility features for players."

The full post on Xbox Wire can be seen here.

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