How to Get Blood Essence in VRising

How to Get Blood Essence in VRising

Want to know how to get Blood Essence in V Rising? Blood Essence is a vital component of V Rising, as you combine it to build and enhance your Castle Heart. If your Castle Heart does not contain Blood Essence, it will start to decay, hindering your various crafting structures from working, and reducing your castle longevity. With that in mind, youll want to know where to get every type of Blood Essence in V Rising.

The following sections will provide some information about Blood Essence in V Rising, as well as the more powerful Greater Blood Essence and Primal Blood Essence versions.

How to get Blood Essence in V Rising

Regular Blood Essence is reduced regularly from low-level enemies that have blood. That means that any creatures in the Farbane Woods that have blood, such as bandits, bears, deer, and moose, may drop Blood Essence when you kill them. It wont drop with every kill, but a short killing spree in the woods should ensure an adequate supply.

If you''re struggling to get Blood Essence, then you may even craft it at a Blood Press. You may either use 4 rats to get 10 Blood Essence, or 4 stained hearts to get 60.

You may travel to your Castle Heart and place it in a small circle in the centre. Every piece of Blood Essence lasts for 8 minutes, but youll want to keep plenty in your Castle Heart before embarking on an adventure. Blood Essence isn''t the only option for you to use it to create Greater and Primal Blood Essence, which are also popular versions that you can utilize to enhance your Castle Heart.

How to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

Greater Blood Essence is a stronger version of Blood Essence that youll use in your castle Heart to improve. Unlike the regular version, Greater Blood Essence does not appear to be useful as fuel in your Castle Heart, so make sure you have plenty of both in your store. Many of the enemies there range from level 20 to level 50, and there is still plenty of Greater Blood Essence while slaughtering enemies in this area.

If you fail to get lucky with Greater Blood Essence drops, there is a lot of room for you to choose. Tristan is a particularly tough foe, so you will want to reach around level 45 before challenging him to a fight. Greater Blood Essence is created using either 4 unsullied hearts or 200 regular Blood Essence.

Unsullied hearts are another rare component in V Rising, so it''s much simpler to hoard regular Blood Essence to avoid enemies, as they tend to drop from enemies between levels 20 and 50.

How to get Primal Blood Essence in V Rising

Primal Blood Essence is the rarest form of Blood Essence, so don''t expect to find it until very late in the game. Fortunately, if you suddenly need Primal Blood Essence, we know how to get it.

You may create Primal Blood Essence in V Rising, but you will have to defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter first. Jade is a particularly high level boss, so don''t face her until you reach level 60. Those who survive the battle will unlock the ability to craft Primal Blood Essence at the Blood Press using either 4 exquisite hearts or 12 Greater Blood Essence.

We suspect that you might get Primal Blood Essence from combating high-level opponents and bosses, like those found in the Silverlight Hills, but we have yet to verify this. Once we spend more time in late-game communities, we''ll update this page so you know it.

In V Rising, you''ll need to know everything you need to get Blood Essence. There are plenty of other materials to keep your Castle Heart in mind, so take a look at our guide to get leather, how to get copper, and how to get iron. Read our V Rising beginner''s guide for more information.

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