This Castlevania-inspired book adds vampires and harpies to your D&Dgames

This Castlevania-inspired book adds vampires and harpies to your D&Dgames

Nightworld is a tabletop roleplaying game that is influenced by Castlevania, a retro video game series.

Nightworld is a game-focused interactive interface that allows game masters to customize campaigns and one-shots with creatures from the horror series.

Players will need to embark on an epic horror TRPG exploration to disrupt the vampire ruler and save humanity from his grasp in Nightworld. With his dozens of minions and monsters, Barnabus tries to destroy or enslave humanity.

The zine features a wide range of deadly creatures inspired by the roster of enemies identified in the original trilogy of Castlevania video games released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This bestiary includes the Bat Lord, who has strong wings on initiative, and the clawed and wonged Canopy Harpy, as well as those dreadful Medusa heads, who have strange patterns abilities to entitle the enemy''s infamous behaviour.

The tabletop RPG party can expect to have run-ins with several small hornet characters from the video game series, such as the dangerous Grim Reaper, who is surrounded by whirling blades and has the ability to teleport across the battlefield.

Josh Palmer has written Nightworld, which has previously worked on other TRPG projects such as Survive This!! Zombies! and the Stranger Things-inspired Dark Places and Demogorgons, and has created artwork from Phil Stone. Both projects include Survive This!! Fantasy and We Die Young.

Castlevania, a video game game franchise established with the emergence of legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont in his quest to kill Dracula, has had two additional releases on the NES, a new entry on the Super Nintendo System, and the popular Playstation 1 installment Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. An animated television series based on the franchise was also released on Netfilx from 2017 to 2021 and featured notable characters such as Trevor Belmont and Alucard.

The Kickstarter campaign for Nightworld will last until the 31st of May, with a pledge of $7 (6) getting backers a PDF version of the book for their choice.

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