Jade and Natalya's Stone Cold & Bret Hart Homage in NXT 2.0 Recap 5/10

Jade and Natalya's Stone Cold & Bret Hart Homage in NXT 2.0 Recap 5/10

This week''s episode ofNXT 2.0 on the USA Network will focus on the ladies! Clearly feeling safe to make such proclamations sinceRic Flair is no longer allowed in the building, the women ofNXT will have the spotlight on this week''s show, and aside from several women''s matches, we''ll also see the start of theNXT Women''s Breakout Tournament. Enough out of me, let''s see what went down this week''s show.

After he kidnappedNXTChampionBron Breakker last week, we have footage ofJoe Gacy and his goons. Gacy do his best Joker impression, and he retaliates Breakker somewhere in a park or something with a sack on his head.

What has @JoeGacy done? #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/57LUqsPyuy

The 11th of May, 2022 WWE NXT (@WWENXT)

Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez at the NXT Women''s Tag Team Championships

With a Super Kick, Jacy Jayne defeats Perez''s attempt at a Code Red. Gigi Dolin starts the show here. There''s a lot of fun fast-paced action throughout until the end.

Winners & Still Champions: Toxic Attraction

Choo attempts to jump toxic attraction after the match, but Rose clocks her with the title belt and she mocks her.

We next go to seeThe Creed Brothers confrontingRoderick Strong about cheating in order to assist them win last week, which they take issue with. Strong then introduces them to Damon Kemp, the newest Diamond Mine member, and the real-life brother ofGable Steveson.

We now go to the ring, where Joe Gacy and two of his hooded followers address the crowd. Before talking about God know what, Gacy discusses the two hooded goons with him, who he claims have shown themselves to him. Before beginning the "WHAT?!" chants, the crowd isn''t interested in this phenomenon.

WhenAndre Chase prepares himself for his match againstGrayson Waller, he takes the plunge and convinces him to team with her in a mixed tag match against Waller andTiffany Stratton.

The "Ivy Nile Challenge" features a group of men competing against her in a strength contest.

NXT Women''s Breakout Tournament: Fallon Henley vs Sloane Jacobs

Both look very green and afraid to reach close together. Henley finishes the shoot with the last shot on Jacobs to score the pinfall to progress in the tournament.

Winner: Fallon Henley

After a conversation with Antos Escobar, we discuss the situation, claiming that everything he did last week to AJ Galante was acceptable.

Tony D''Angelo and his buddies throw him in their trunk and drive away. This is a well-known wrestling show.

Alba Fyre vs Amari Miller

FormerKay Lee Ray is back in office asAlba Fyre, and the only significant difference to her character is that she no longer wrestles in actual wrestling gear and wears some post-apocalyptic Scottish warrior-looking outfit. Fyre is both presented as babyfaces, and they both try to accomplish the same thing. Fyre hits the KLR Bomb, now called the Fyre Bomb, before going to the top rope for a Swanton Bomb for the pinfall.

Winner: Alba Fyre

Carmelo Hayes andTrick Williams arrive next to the parking lot, but when they attempt to enter the building, Solo Sikoa is there to protect them.

.@Carmelo_WWE & @_trickwilliams are locked out! #WWENXT @WWESoloSikoa pic.twitter.com/fvhVGywe2u

NXT (@WWENXT) in WWE Leo May 11, 2022

Sikoa gets invited to the ring where he says if Hayes wins for the North American title, he wants the winner. Grimes then steps out and confirms he will face Hayes one-on-one in your House, but he will face Sikoa next.

Hayes and Williams stutter the rings before pulling Grimes out of the stands. As they rise Grimes'' head in a chair and attempt to break his neck, Sikoa steps in for the save and takes them out.

After discovering his partner was kidnapped, Santos Escobar calls Tony D, who pretends to be gangsters rather than developmental wrestlers, as well as threats of torture and murder, and finally establishes a match between them next week onNXT 2.0.

We have now gotten a backstage interview withNathan Frazer, who is being interrupted byXyon Quinn andWes Lee. Quinn is a big fan of everyone, and Lee challenges him to a match.

Grayson Waller & Tiffany Stratton face Andre Chase & Sarray on Friday Night Live.

Chase andBodhi Hayward follow Sarray through her pre-match portal thing, and as Sarray changes into her superhero persona on the other side, Chase is changed into a blue sweater, while Hayward is transformed into looking like Sarray''s schoolgirl persona. It''s actually pretty funny and both guys do a fantastic job selling it.

Here''s how we get a decent and fun intergender tag match. There are a lot of fun character spots, and it''s evident that Stratton is coming along nicely as a wrestler. So, Sarray is able to mount Stratton for the pinfall.

Winners: Sarray & Andre Chase

We now get to a backstage interview withVon Wagner andRobert Stone, which is interrupted byIkemen Jiro, who attacks Wagner and they must be separated by authorities.

We seeIndi Hartwell wandering backstage until she''s confronted with Toxic Attraction, who at first seems sympathetic to her problems, but ends up making fun of her.

NXT Women''s Breakout Tournament featuring Nikkita Lyons and Arianna Grace

They look really great here, which helps with the presentation. Soon, Lyons takes it with a Spin Kick to Grace, followed by a Split Leg Drop.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons

We''re going to a backstage promo from The Viking Raiders, who accept the Creed Brothers'' rematch request.

Natalya vs Cora Jade

The two performers are telling a decent story here, but the truth is that they''re miscast in their respective roles.

Natalya has been in WWE for a long time, but numifying her the "Best Of All Time" is not a snag given by anyone. She''s only been Divas/Women''s Champion twice and you never hear her name name mentioning with the best women in WWE history. The same miscasting is here with Cora Jade, who hasn''t exactly demonstrated herself as a superstar yet, nor has she been particularly insecure during her time on television.

And this brings us to the match''s end, where Natalya locks Jade in a Sharpshooter, and instead of tapping out, Jade passes out. This is of course inspired by the ending of arguably the greatest WWE match,"Stone Cold"Steve AustinvsBret Hart in a submission match atWrestleMania 13.

The narrative nuances that make this a simple impression. Hart was legitimately the greatest of all-time entering the match, while Austin had proved himself as a mad dog who had been kicked too many times. As a result of Austin''s incredible ability to overcome the toughness of Bret Hart, the visual effects that made him a special appearance.

After completing one more painful process to break it for a second time, Austin soon but surely faded away and passed out. While there, Jade had just kind of passed out abruptly. It was a nice experience here, but without all of Austin''s strengths, it might be not wise to put this up against it. Still a great match, though.

Winner: Natalya

Natalya gives Jade a big hug after the match, something that happened after Hart vs Austin.

That''s what happened for this week''s episode ofNXT 2.0 and it wasn''t too bad of an episode. There were enough decent matches to cover up the usual silly nonsense, and that''s something I suspect.

Next time friends.

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