Prey is free to claim on the Epic Games Store

Prey is free to claim on the Epic Games Store

With the Epic Games store, users may get three new freebies to take a hold of. This week, gamers may now play three new PC games on the Epic Games Store for free. From Action-Adventure to a first-person shooter, they may enjoy them without paying a dime.

The first is Thunder Lotus Jotun: Valhalla Edition, which follows a warrior who must fight through Norse mythology before running into it. Next up we have Arkane Studios Prey where you take control of Morgan Yenick as he searches aboard a disused space station called Jehannum. The third one is SRLs Redout: Enhanced Edition.

The official Epic Games Store Twitter Profile contains a link to the game. All three games can be purchased for free until May 19, exactly when a fresh shuffle of games will arrive.

Not one. not two but THREE free games?! Sheeeeeeesh. Better grab em quickly.

Available now on the Epic Games Store!

The 12th of May, 2022, of Epic Games Store (@EpicGames)

If you choose them, Epic Games will be providing weekly free games for the remainder of 2022. In 2021, it offered 89 different titles that might be downloaded for a limited period, but would remain applicable as part of your Epic Store library forever!

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