The Brand New Aurora Collection for Logitech G has been unveiled

The Brand New Aurora Collection for Logitech G has been unveiled

As they presented the Aurora Collection, Logitech G has unveiled its new range of gaming gear designs and colors. Each set was carefully designed for female gamers, but was also designed to appeal to those who aren''t just satisfied with matte black.

The designers have created a keyboard, a mouse, and a headset, all with their own numbered entries in the product line, with both white mist and Pink Dawn. Moreover, they have created a different color palette, including a lime green option. They also have created a specially designed heart-shaped case for both the headset and the mouse, as well as gaming accessories. These are also available for purchase here.

The Aurora Collection was conceptualized based on feedback from women in the gaming industry and was brought to life by a team of predominantly women in the industry. The collection was designed to meet the gaming needs and demands of an underrepresented audience, and to reimagine gaming''s future where representation is firmly present.

  • Comfort: In the design phase, the team made sure to take things into account like longer hair, glasses, earrings, and smaller hand sizes. Not stopping at fit. The team prioritized products that felt and looked good to support longer play sessions, exploring different materials and finishes that were lightweight and soft to the touch.
  • Approachability: To address areas of opportunity around approachability the team broke away from the typical sharp edges, black colorways and loud aesthetics to create a more welcome experience featuring softer tonalities, translucent materials and soothing out-of-box lighting.
  • Playfulness: The Aurora Collection encourages self-expression. The products come in base White Mist with the ability to customize using Pink Dawn and Green Flash accessories. Players can also show off their creative side with thousands of customizable lighting combinations available in G HUB with Aurora Collection signature lighting that we call Play Moods.
  • G735 Wireless Gaming Headset:Featuring a White Mist finish, ethereal RGB lighting, and on-ear dual-audio mixing, the G735 is a versatile option for any player. G735 is the first Logitech G headset with the new Blue VO!CE microphone technology features to modulate a player''''s voice and have the ability to save preferred audio settings in G Hub and directly on the headset. The G735 Wireless Gaming Headset also maximizes comfort for all players and is inclusive of smaller head sizes. Players can enjoy long gaming sessions with 56+ hr battery life (without lighting), and experience wireless freedom through Logitech G''''s award winning LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • G715 and G713 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards:The G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard and G713 Gaming Keyboard deliver low-key vibes with high-key performance so players can express themselves and play their way. A compact, tenkeyless layout, and adjustable height ensure comfort all-day long. Pack it up and place it anywhere with a rechargeable battery that delivers 25 hours of non-stop gaming, and LIGHTSPEED wireless or Bluetooth connectivity. Both keyboards come with an included Cloud-Soft palm rest for all-day comfort.
  • G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse:G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse is purpose-built for smaller hands with compact contoured fit, and advanced gaming technology. At just 85 grams, G705 is designed for long-lasting, lightweight comfort and performance. With a gaming-grade sensor, ultra-responsive LIGHTSPEED wireless, Bluetooth connectivity, and an easy-reach DPI-cycling button, gamers can play their best.
  • Accessories: Take your collection a step further with eight new accessories including whimsical touches like the cloud-shaped palmrest, cable charm, and heart shaped carrying case. Other accessories include ear pads and boom mics, G713 and G715 keyboard top plates, keycap puller and brush, and mousepad for gamers to customize their play style.

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