Auction: Rare Superheroics, Horror, and Crime of Four Favorites

Auction: Rare Superheroics, Horror, and Crime of Four Favorites

The Ace Periodicals'' title was a similar concept to Fox''s, DC Comics, and. It was an anthology series with several of the publisher''s most famous characters, which varied from 1941 to 1947. Eventually, the lineup of characters such as Magno and Davey, Vulcan, Lightning, and The Raven evolved, with a few stand-out covers and some outrageous CGC census numbers. Incredibly, there''s a chance to pick up 24 of the 32 issues of the title

Four Favorites includes a number of covers that are suited to collector demand. Issue #1 and issue #11 feature the Four Favorite heroes punching and punching Hitler, for example (and Mussolini and Hirohito in the case of #11) and the following are just well-executed classics. Overall, the series includes contributions from prominent artists including Harvey Kurtzman, L. B. Cole, Rudy Palais, Jim Mooney, and Al Camy.

At Heritage Auctions, the underappreciated gem of a sthere''s a chance to pick up 24 of the Ace Periodicals'' title for auction in the 2022 July 31-August 1 Sunday & Monday Comic Books Select Auction #122231. This information is available for download, and you can also check out their FAQ about the bidding process and related concerns. It''s a particularly good week to take a look with a slew of rare Ace Magazines comics, including Lev G

Four Favorites #6 (Ace, 1942) Condition: GD.This issue made our recent list of the ten most famous Ace comics. Magno, The Flag, Lightning, The Unknown Soldier, and Mr. Risk appearances. Torture cover. Jim Mooney art. Cover detached, tape repair/reinforcement to inner spine, centerfold detached, and tape reinforcement to inner staples. Overstreet 2021 GD 2.0 value = $135.

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