Free Fire Reveals More About Justin Bieber's Anniversary Celebrations

Free Fire Reveals More About Justin Bieber's Anniversary Celebrations

Garena gave us some information on what they have planned for their 5th anniversary with Justin Bieber, who was previously told that he will perform live in the game, but now we know he will be launching a brand new exclusive album for the anniversary. The song will begin on August 27th, and contains five specially-designed chapters: Battle, Style, Map, Hero, and Memory. Below, you''ll get in touch with unique rewards as well.

Justin Bieber In-Game Performance

On August 27, Justin Bieber will debut an exclusive track "Beautiful Love (Free Fire)") as part of the 5th anniversary celebrations. Players may enjoy participating in an interactive set-up, groove along to custom emotes, participate in minigames, and even perform with Justin Bieber''s avatar on stage. A permanent in-game character modeled after Justin Bieber will also be unveiled and distributed to all players. To commemorate this unique celebration, the team will also distribute the highly

Missions & Token Swap

Players will be able to try their hand at several daily and time-limited missions, accumulating tokens which can be exchanged for exclusive rewards in the exchange store. With iconic costumes and classic guns to unlock during these missions, they can expect a special day.

New Maps & Modes

Expansive, dynamic maps are the most significant features of, and players can look forward to the release of a new map Nexterra, which has been enhanced with several components to enhance and diversify the battle experience for them. There will also be new game modes for players to explore, including:

  • A New Limited-Time Mode Free For All: Set against the backdrop of El Pastelo, it will simulate intense close-combat, point-based matches where up to 16 players will battle it out. Players will be able to select their own weapons and can obtain points by eliminating other players. Matches will be decided by the first player to accumulate a predetermined amount of points.
  • An Exclusive 5th Anniversary Mode Droid Apocalypse: 12 players compete in each match, vying to become the ultimate droid. Players will get to select their own type of droid and convert as many humans as possible before the timer runs out. When only a predetermined number of humans remain, they will transform into hunters and have enhanced stats, as well as the ability to permanently eliminate droids. Points can be gained based on performances and the player with the most points after three rounds will win the match.

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