Review of My Hero Academia OVA's "Hero League Baseball" Hits Home Run

Review of My Hero Academia OVA's "Hero League Baseball" Hits Home Run

The upcoming sixth season of (premiering this fall) isn''t so far away now, with two OVAs (Original Video Animations) streaming on Crunchyroll starting today, August 1st. While our heroes prepare for the Paranormal Liberation Front, previously known as the League of Villains, it is nice to get a little taste of that "My Hero Academia Life" in training so that things can become deadly.

The first OVA that had been announced was a short and satisfying conversation about a league created by pro-heroes who like baseball. Once the teams complete, they form a team: the "Orcas" and the "Lionels. However, it takes a turn before the game comes to a close, requiring a backup.

Even if I am not the biggest sports anime fan, it was a great day to take my mind off the impact of the past experience that our heroes experienced. Definitely, those were the teams I imagined working together, and it makes me feel maybe UA should incorporate baseball into their curriculum to help build teams. I absolutely laughed a lot, especially with Present Mic and Aizawa''s comments. Aizawa will always be one of the best performers in throughout.

The plot was somewhat different than the previous season. Characters kept true to themselves, and the pace was just fast enough to keep things moving. I enjoyed how fast Shishido and Gang Orca were able to take care of the villain and return to their game. AAAHH, I hope you enjoy this season, and it will make life easier.

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