Wo Long, the new Nioh developers game, is getting a demo in the near future

Wo Long, the new Nioh developers game, is getting a demo in the near future

The next game from Nioh''s creators is expected to receive a demon "in the near future."

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase in June, and through an announcement on the game''s official Twitter, it was confirmed that it would be receiving a "gameplay trial in the near future." The announcement was no more specific than that, although it did outline several additional things we can anticipate.

Wo Long will have a character creator, who is always fun to play with. Although the gameplay is similar to Nioh, the trailer only included cinematics, it''s unclear how the game will play, although we can likely assume it will be built on what Nioh established.

Weapons used with Chinese martial arts will be included in the game, and you''ll also face off against "famous warlords from the Three Kingdoms." As well as "sorcery," the game will appear on the back of the game.

If you enjoyed playing online with friends in Nioh, then you''ll be delighted to hear that the game will offer online multiplayer, which again will likely be similar to how Nioh does it, although it might certainly be a fresh addition.

Wo Long seems to be considering enhancing on the already great foundations that Nioh already laid, mainly with the addition of one simple technique: a jump button. Obviously, the action will be faster paced than Nioh, thus doing things like jumping into an enemy and launching over them will be helpful in the gameplay.

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