Worlds collide in S06E11, "Breaking Bad," is "Breaking Bad." Key Art

Worlds collide in S06E11, "Breaking Bad," is "Breaking Bad." Key Art

If we''re assuming everything we''ve seen and what Vince Gilligan discussed a few days ago, it would appear that tonight''s episode ofGilligan & Peter Gould''s Bob Odenkirk & Rhea Seehorn will be starring. Which makes the episode''s title much more appropriate considering it''s called "Breaking Bad." And though there are quite a few possible themes that would fit under the banner "breaking bad," the key art that was released for tonight''s chapter really

In the event you missed the ten-to-one reference that Gene made during the last episode, here''s how to make it.

Did you see a reference? #BetterCallSaul

Saul (@BetterCallSaul) is 30 days a week or so before calling.

AMC threw out the image below again today (previously released on a new ''Better Call Saul,'' but it''s actually a bit nippy. Grab a jacket earlier today. Now, the "Nippy" part harkens back to last week''s episode, and the realization that Gene''s relationship with Marion (Carol Burnett) may not quite be done yet (more on that here) but we''re now focused on the choice of "jacket

Here''s a look back at the teaser "Suit Up," which gives us a glimpse into Jimmy''s various times in his fashion- including his "Gene Takovic." Obviously, the last hanger is empty and seen swinging, although we now know that Gene was willing to take control of the event during the most recent episode, and that his walking away from the shirt & tie wasn''t particularly as significant as others would wish. Are there any signs that "Saul" will be at the wheel

Here''s a look at Gene''s three shots that included the "jacket" image above. Could Gene (Odenkirk) and Jeff (Pat Healy) and Marion''s"breaking bad" or is Gene going to leave the shirt and tie at the end of the last episode to help or protect Marion? For some reason, I am aware that Gene''s will end up having to go "Saul" before deciding whether or not to be a victim.

"I get it. You get over it," says Jimmy-Saul-Gene, and the first assumption is that it reintroduces Jimmy & Kim''s conversation before she left. But what is more interesting about it if Gene finds himself making them for Kim in an unexpected yet masterful manner. And then there''s the possibility that Gene''s made in the past five seasons when it comes to highways serving as metaphors for moral "forks in the road." Because a Kim Wexler-

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