The PS5's Accolades feature is being halted by Sony because no one usedit

The PS5's Accolades feature is being halted by Sony because no one usedit

Over the weekend, Sony announced that it will shut down its Accolades program, literally because no one used it.

Doesn''t it feel like playing on your PS5, and another player sends you a ''good job''? Sorry, no one else has understood the feature, and Sony already knows it, as a notice has been issued on the PlayStation website announcing the removal of the feature.

The PlayStation 5 version of Accolades will no longer be supported in fall of 2022, according to the notice. "The feature hasn''t seen the level of usage we anticipated, so we are refocusing our efforts. We encourage the community to continue to send positive messages to others.

Ah well, gave it a shot at least. The general concept was fantastic, and you might give an Accolade to other players, whether they be a teammate or an opponent, to compliment them on their gameplay. It certainly sounds quite similar to Multiversus'' toasts, which genuinely is one of its best features.

The idea behind it was likely well-thought, but considering the general consensus amongst everyone who has learned about this feature, it is likely that Sony didn''t do enough to publicize it.

It was actually a launch feature, so there''s still no one who knows it for two years.

Sony reported a modest increase in PS5 sales for the first quarter, but interestingly, a decrease in software unit sales was also noted. This was the case for both third and first-party titles, which isn''t necessarily surprising even now as it may be difficult to purchase a console. On top of that, there aren''t quite many PS5 exclusives, as a number of titles are still launching on PS4.

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