Amanda Conner's 5 Pages of The Big Book of Wild Women will be published

Amanda Conner's 5 Pages of The Big Book of Wild Women will be published

According to the Paradox Press imprint on DC Comics between 1994 and 2000, ten of the seventeen were directed by a single author and a wide variety of artists, including Russ Heath and Gray Morrow, Tom Sutton and Pat Boyette, and Steve Leialoha, they included the final works of Joe Sacco, Roger Langridge, and Alec Stevens.

The 18th book in Paradox''s Subgenius podcast was planned to be written by a woman, with Susan Barrows supporting the show, and features prominent women from all walks of history, including celebrities including president Joe Carbaugh, and former New York governor Joe McClure. Both writers included Laura McClure, Jennifer Lopez, and Mark Greenberg.

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti''s third story on Bettie Page was conceived. because it would have shipped one week late and would have been returned to Diamond Comic Distributors if the error was made. Which it was never resolicited, the only one of the Big Books lines to be denied publication.

The film, which was due to be released on Kickstarter, will be previewed on Bleeding Cool. Jimmy Palmiotti tells me, "We received permission from DC comics and Susie the Floozie the writer to run it and they''ve put it in the book. It''s been sitting in the dark for a long time. I got it, that''s how much longer."

"We''re developing some amazing content for the book, some great tier options for backing along, and you''ve asked for it, as well as some fantastic remarque options within the book. That''s right, you''ll see content never shown before, some fantastic photographs with commentary on Amanda''s work, along with an incredible roster of people providing some fantastic quotes and ideas for AMANDA. This is going to be fantastic!"

What of the rest of the spectrum? Not a lot. Richard Piers Rayer is getting an offer on eBay for all four pages of his story on Virginia Hill gangster.

Steven Harris'' Fawn Hill story has been included in several pages.

John Green''s one page from Aphra Behn

Does anyone else have any pages they''d like to share? So if we can Frankenstein it all together? Maybe, but for now, you can get five pages, the Bettie Page story, by backing the Kickstarter for.

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