How to get moreToast using MultiVersus Toasting

How to get moreToast using MultiVersus Toasting

Dom Peppiatt, the editor of MultiVersus''s VG247, believes that one of the most revolutionary things about it is the toast. They''re not wrong, either. What started out as a Mortal Kombat staple has now become this fighting games'''' way of saying ''GG'' to fellow players, and it''s weirdly heartwarming.

If you''re like me and want to toast every individual player who makes your MultiVersus experience worthwhile, then you''ll need additional toast.

You can''t, unfortunately, go whip it up in the kitchen and serve your friends and enemies that way. Instead, you''ll need to earn it, which makes making giving it away even more vital! In this section, we''ve explained several ways that you can get some more toast.

What is Toast, and how do I use it?

MultiVersus makes sure you have a set number of toast, but it cannot be used in the same way as Gold or Gleamium. Instead of being used to unlock characters and cosmetics like the latter, toast is used to commemorate your match and say well done to the other players.

So, when you toast another player following a match, you''re literally toasting them. Essentially, you''re giving the player a thumbs up and saying ''good game'' to them.

After the match, select the toast icon above the player. They''ll see that you have given them a toast, and they will also receive 25 Gold for being a fantastic player! Toast is the little boost that many players need and deserve, and it reduces the danger of toxicity.

How do I get more Toast in MultiVersus?

When it comes to getting more toast in MultiVersus, it can be a little tricky without having to pay more Gold. Gold is critical for unlocking new characters, which you''ll undoubtedly want to save for rather than using Gold on toast. Here are a few methods of getting toast without directly spending Gold on it.

First, you may level your characters up to Level 3 where each character has its own pass that you can work your way through, and Level 3 of each pass will reward you with five additional toasts to give away. Fortunately for you, even levelling a character to Level 3 will not take too long.

Secondly, you should use the Battle Pass. Toast is often a reward that can be unlocked as you climb the ladder. The Battle Pass also has other features to unlock, as you complete your daily quests, as well as playing the game.

After levelling characters and grinding the Battle Pass, you''ll be able to get 10x toast for 350 Gold, which isn''t a lot of Gold to spend. However, when ten players toast you back, you''ll never lose all 350 Gold.

After a match, click the icon in the upper right-hand corner. You''ll be able to boost your toast supply from here, simply by clicking on ''Unlock.'' Be careful, it will cost 350 Gold each time.

If you prefer to toast other players, you must do whatever you need to do! Either way, we''re certain that the recipient player will be eternally grateful and give you your gift back; and that''s exactly why toast is so popular.

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