Preston's Diamond Dash Launches As Free Online Title

Preston's Diamond Dash Launches As Free Online Title

Dot Big Bang has partnered with PrestonPlayz to develop a brand new online death run experience this week. Basically, you''re getting several maps designed to kill your character off before they can collect diamonds from around the world. But this is not a problem for you, since it''s more a competition, as well. We have more information on the game here. At the link below, you can follow the link above.

Dodge lasers, dodge roaring lava, free-fall through dropper levels, and collect all of the gems to escape a spectacular parkour boss fight with Evil Diamond Preston! It is the third collaboration between Dot Big Bang and Preston''s Fire Games team, which has received a 300 million views a month. It follows the success of a fast-paced quiz-race, as well as the mind-meltingly difficult.

"I was truly shocked by the dot big bang when I first played," Preston said. "I knew that there was an opportunity to develop something new here. I am so excited to develop games to watch with my viewers on dot big bang. It''s incredible that my fans can play alongside me on any device."

"Preston is the perfect partner for dot big bang, as he''s one of the most popular and recognizable faces on YouTube," says founder of Dot Big Bang. "He has a wealth of experience in developing excellent gaming content, and he''s a unique insight into what excites gamers."

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