Dickhead, the Great Season 2 episode 2 Fact vs Fiction

Dickhead, the Great Season 2 episode 2 Fact vs Fiction

This is the season of football.

Catherine (Elle Fanning) has taken control of Peter III (Nicholas Hoult), but her desire to make an impact on Russia has stalled in Dickhead. It becomes immediately apparent that the old method of ruling the country is not going to give way to the new with ease in, and Catherine has to embrace certain traditions. First, she must honor the nobles and her husband, who is currently under house arrest and yet is still considering the halls of the Winter Palace.

Catherine''s coronation is indicative to the court, Russia, and the world that she is no longer the wife of the ruler, and that she is the King of America. Because of this revelation, Catherine informs Marial (Phoebe Fox) and Peter that it doesn''t matter how I look, just what I do, when asked about her gown for this event. It''s not only the last 100 years when there has been scrutiny over pantsuits, frocks, and other clothing choices.

Costume design has taken some freedoms. Unlike how script and music choices change the rules of accuracy in the first season, Christian Dior''s iconic 1947 Bar Suit was inspired by the turn-of-the-century Belle Epoque (opens in new tab) era, and an earlier French influence is felt throughout the court. In season 2, Catherines unquestionably sweet gold dress is used in every stitch and Catherine''s message is woven into the stunning look.

In the second season of. This episode-by-episode guide follows Dickhead''s fashion statement and the role Catherine played in reviving a traditional Russian style.

Did Peter the Great ban certain fabrics?

It''s what our grandmothers used to wear before they were humiliated for wearing something so nasty, according to Marial when she sees the pattern her friend favors. In 1698, he ordered men to razor their long beards off, and two years later he prohibited government officials and landowners from wearing traditional clothes. This year, he recommended that people who wear the old style behave as taxed.

Russians should stay in touch with the educated Europeans, and the techniques he restricted were considered regressive. So when Peter makes reference to banned fabrics, it is rooted in his grandfather''s choices, although in the Hulu series Peter is Peter III''s father.

What did Catherine wear to the coronation?

Marial advises that if you dress well, nobody notices what you wear. Even if Voltaire referred to this as his own (he did) and claiming these words of wisdom as his own, there is no evidence of this yet. The kokoshnik ornate headwear, delicate gold floral embroidery, and sleeve design are all nods to the present that enthuses Catherine''s fundamental understanding of Russian symbolism.

Although it is quite different from the descriptions of Catherines'' actual gown (opens in new tab), Long has captured its purpose and desire to embrace the past and future in her book (opens in new tab)

Catherine had her head crowned herself, whereas the abdicated Peter completes the task in the show. However, the number of jewels in the crown is mesmerizing, as it is visually identical to the ancient Byzantine design that the real Catherine the Greats crown, which included a total of 4,936 diamonds, was designed specifically for this event.

What influence did Catherine have on Russian fashion?

Catherine received a gift of a stunning frock from the same material as the tent upholstery in the first season, causing her to endurepublic humiliation.

Catherine, who dismissed Marials very Versailles coronation suggestion, removes a page out of Diors'' book and draws imagery from the past. It is bold and very Russian, and is her assessment of the pre-Petrine (opens in a new tab) style she adopts. Marial and Peter think she will be mocked for her choice and her husband remarks, I thought you were taking Russia into the future, not their grandmothers house.

Catherine welcomes a unique aesthetic that eschews Prussian and French fabric and silhouettes, but laughter is far from the response. During her reign, returning to the Russian style was wildly popular (opens in new tab) and dictated this shift in the imperial dress. It wasn''t a case of duplicating the old, rather, taking recognizable elements and blending them with contemporary trends, which became known as in the manner of the Empress (opens in new tab). It is clear from

Season 2 of The Great is available for download (in its entirety) on Hulu in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, episodes air weekly on Channel 4.

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