Cygames acquires rights to the Metal Max Series

Cygames acquires rights to the Metal Max Series

Cygames acquired the rights to the series from Kadokawa Games on July 29, 2022, and the creator of the IP pushed it back to Cygames, which will now be named the game''s new console title.

Right now the game does not have a different name than the one mentioned above. Cygames produced a logo for the project that depicted variouslead characters in pixel-style fashion.

Cygames'' announcement aims to sabotage the 30-year-old series'' future. Miyaoka said the right transfer gives him a great opportunity. He thanked Cygames for picking up the IP, and Kadokawa Games for deciding to send it off.

Miyaoka says that development on the Cygames title is still in the just delusions stage, but that the process, built on it, will impact both fans and RPG fans in general. For his part, Takagi talked about his degree of familiarity with the series, dating back to his school days. He believes that the challenge of creating an IP that will be loved and passed down for generations is a challenge, as well as the challenge faced by Cygames. The acquisition aligns with Cygames'' mission:

Cygames is in development. The last Kadokawa Games project in the series, which is available on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Check out the Siliconeras review.

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