James Gunn Clears Up GOTG Holiday Special Phase 4/5 Confusion

James Gunn Clears Up GOTG Holiday Special Phase 4/5 Confusion

Following the waves of film and streaming series news that Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige would be launching during last month''s San Diego Comic-Con, there was a pretty clear timeline for the project (season 2, etc.) but as the title alone is missing, a fan was curious where the in-canon special will fall.

Well, Gunn kept his answer short and sweet, while also avoiding using words to clear any confusion: "The Guardians Holiday Special is the epilogue of Phase 4" (with Santa and a thumbs-up emoji). Here''s a look at a screencap of the questions and Gunn''s response, followed by a breakdown of what we know so far about the special:

Gunn previously stated that this would be a "TV special" rather than a short film, and for those who wish to get "Star Wars Holiday Special" should know that Gunn was inspired when he was a kid, but that he finished the script in April 2021. And then in an interview with Collider in support, Gunn explained why the special will be set between and. As well as first revealing his intention to film it during GotG3 filming.

This is the wrapping. The present is inside. #GotGHS pic.twitter.com/NqDw5s6ed8

James Gunn (@JamesGunn) April 22, 2021

"It''s in-canon, it''s about the Guardians, and you''re gonna learn something before Volume 3, and it''s great I''m really happy with it," he said. Gunn is also going to double-up on production, with the special filmed at the same time as the film. "I''m gonna be using a lot of the same sets, the same actors obviously, so we''re going to have it done simultaneously with the film," Gunn said.

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