In a new trailer for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, there's some breathtaking action

In a new trailer for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, there's some breathtaking action

Time to light up Night City

Today, a new trailer for a Netflix anime series has been released, which looks both stunning and full of action. Today''s trailer gives us an idea of the main cast and how it is being transformed into anime.

Fans of anime who didn''t know will probably notice right away that Studio Trigger is at the forefront. In this new trailer, Trigger is the studio behind several projects, and boy, it shows. In the trailer, the rapid action, the berating line reads, and the stunning style bleed through.

It does, therefore, take some less quiet moments. As he gets tied up in the back-alley events of Night City, the story is about to follow David.

Along with an incredible world-inspired experiment and design,Studio Trigger appears to be taking note of CD Projekt Reds. For instance, the call tone is similar to those used in the video game. A few of the views we see in the trailer are quite similar to their appearance.

A cyberpunk future

As of late, Netflix has had some hit and some delays in the video game adaptation industry. On the one hand, it is one of their big series and is currently heading into the Richter Belmont era. And the series has been absolutely fantastic. But it hasn''t performed quite as well on the animated front.

This is a Studio Trigger, but I believe that plus the possibility of a decent adaptation is sufficient reason to get a sense of change. While CD Projekt Red seems to be mostly moving towardfor the future, I''m somewhat into Triggers'' quest for Night City.

Netflix will launch next month, in September 2022.

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