Can Felicity Newman save Mackenzie from losing Salt in Home and Away?

Can Felicity Newman save Mackenzie from losing Salt in Home and Away?

Felicity Newman (played by Jacqui Purvis) has an idea to assist debt-trained Mackenzie hang onto her bayside eaterie in Home and Away (1:15pm) - see our TV Guide for listings).

Salt, a Summer Bay bar and restaurant, is for sale!

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) has decided to sell the company to pay off the debts that have been fixed due to a financial claim that the company failed to pay out for the toxic gas leak last year.

Felicity is still adamant for suggesting that illegal gambling meetings might help settle the debts, but instead resulted in the law''s owner falling in love.

Felicity proposed hiring an investor in Salt as a way of clearing debts last week.

Mac was all for it, and the girls even went to the city to discuss the idea to some potential investors, but she soon had some second opinions about the idea.

Mac realized that she would no longer be her own CEO and the business would evolve with someone else on board, so she decided to cut her losses and sell the restaurant-cum-restaurant.

When Mac revealed she was selling Salt, Felicity, Macs brother Dean (Patrick OConnor) and his girlfriend Ziggy Astoni were forced to respect her decision.


Felicity has developed a YET ANOTHER IDEA to help Mac keep track of her pride and joy.

Wow. That girl is sure to be full of em!

She wants to use the money she inherited from her father so she can buy into Salt, become an equal business partner, and resolve Macs debt problems.

Although her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) advises her against buying into a debt-stricken business, Felicity is determined that she and Mac will get things done at Salt.

Mackenzie''s suggestion is unavoidable.

Why will Felicity not be accepted as an equal business partner?

Cash pleads to Mac on his sisters'' behalf, pointing out that Felicity must actually believe in Mac if she is willing to invest her inheritance in Salt.

Mackenzie learns to rethink Felicitys'' proposal once more, but it will not long before she decides that actually it''s a great idea.

Felicitys is delighted when Mac tells her she cant wait to join forces with her and opens a celebratory bottle of bubbles and makes a toast.

Salt is back to their ''70s day!

Rose Delaney (Kirsty Mariller) tries to prove that she is not following Cash after a date with Tex Wheeler (Lucas Lineham) but her brother Xander (Luke Van Os) isnt convinced. Tex is happy when Rose accepts a second date and they have some sexy fun at her place, but is she just using him to prove a point?

Talking of Tex, he decides to go to the gym, and when Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) gives him a guided tour, he is curious about how Tane came to own the place.

Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) discovered that it had been purchased with Ari Parata''s money in an armed robbery last week.

Tex is now questioning how the Paratas acquired the gym.

What is the cause of the tragedy, and why?

Channel 5 continues weekdays at 1:15pm.

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