Four new faces ROCK up in Summer Bay: Home and Away spoilers!

Four new faces ROCK up in Summer Bay: Home and Away spoilers!

In Home and Away, meet bandmates Bob (Rob Mallett, Eden, Stephanie Panozzo, Remi (Adam Rowland,) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson), known as rock bank Lyrik, (1:15pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

Summer Bay is a fairly quiet area where people can relax while taking a walk on the beach, and the only sound they will hear is the gentle breaking of the ocean waves.

When they rock up at the Parata familys house and perform an impromptu concert, four new arrivals break the peace in today''s episode of.

Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) returns from the city and has been tipped to be the new co-owner of Salt.

Felicity, with the money she received from her father, has become equal partners with Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) and has been to see a lawyer to make it official.

Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) gives his girlfriend a celebratory kiss when she is reunited with Felicity.

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) seems to get taken away and head upstairs for some afternoon recollection, so he makes a quick sortie!

It is not long before their flamboyant daytime romp is halted by a cacophony outside.

The couple is surprised to find a band playing music on the lawn when they investigate the noise!

Tanes is tumultuous and wonders who these people are, but it soon becomes clear they are known to Felicity as they greet them with a lot of knowledge and starts singing along.

It turns out that the raucous rockers are Felicitys'' old friends from the city!

Theres lead singer Bob, singer Kirby, and band members Eden and Remi.

Tanes is a little irritated by the rowdy group as they set out to take over the house and are set to throw it down. He''s happy for Felicity to be reunited with her pals and decides to leave them to it.

Tane is later a little harrowing to learn that the band are staying for the night.

Felicitys is consternated to have her old friends stay so Tane says hes fine with it, but reveals that they can only stay for one night.

Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) is juggling two positions, one as the gyms admin supremo, and the other as the Diner.

Tane fails to register at the gym to take over as Chloes will start a shift at the Diner, which isn''t easy, but it becomes even harder.

With Tane enjoying some solitude with Felicity, Chloe ends up being an hour late for her shift at the Diner, where bosses Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) suggests that it may be time to choose between her two jobs.

When John Palmer (Shane Withington) calls him to work on his day off, summer Bay lifeguard Nikau Parata is confused. The beach is fully patrolled, so why does he need to be there?

To see if Nikau enters the Surf Club, he discovers a whole lot of people, and John announces that he has been nominated for a bravery award!

Naomi Stevens (Jamaica Vaughan) has nominated Nikau after rescuing her sister a few weeks ago.

Naomi offers to accompany a panicked Nikau at the awards ceremony in a few weeks.

Nikau isn''t sure if the date would be used as a date, nevertheless?

After a banned stint as an apprentice supervisor for Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) is facing a dilemma.

Conveniently agreeing to it would mean having to cancel her planned road trip with her boyfriend Dean Thompson (Patrick OConnor), but If She does not, Theo will not be able to continue his apprenticeship.

Ziggy promises to take over as Theo''s apprentice supervisor after some encouragement from her boyfriend and contemplating it over!

Now Both Theo and Justin can rest easy!

Channel 5 continues weekdays at 1:15pm.

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