Jean Slater has a nasty Big Mo! EastEnders spoilers

Jean Slater has a nasty Big Mo! EastEnders spoilers

In Wednesday''s episode of (7:30 pm) Jean Slater shows a familiar face to Stacey Slater (see our TV Guide for further information).

After being caught out at the caravan park by his daughter, Jean Slater is a rabbit in the headlights! Instead of giving Stacey some questions about why she was working as a waitress, she tries to flee.

Jean can make things through with Stacey and explain precisely why she''s at the caravan park without telling her.

There is another flaw in the future, however, as Jean is with Big Mo Harris! Former Albert Square resident hasn''t been seen since boarding off on a cruise last year.

Jean is evasive, trying to persuade Jean to arrive at Walford without having to worry about anyone.

Her bipolar breakdown was a bit distressing, but she explains that she''s embarrassed of her behavior. Stacey tries to alleviate her anxieties, but Jean insists that she cannot never return to the Square again.

Is Stacey willing to talk?

While he rushes back home, Kheerat has left Stacey alone with Jean. He''s finally listened to the desperate voicemail left by Suki Panesar after she was defeated by Ranveer Gulati and realizes that he must come to terms with them!

Suki is enraged after threatening Ranveer over the head following his attack on her. When his son Ravi Gulati walks in, he''s stunned to see his dad''s lifeless body.

Will Suki explain what she''s done?

After Denzel and Nugget''s turmoil, Amy Branning is in havoc. When Chelsea Fox discovers her crying, she explicates what happened, and Chelsea is outraged!

Chelsea finds the boys in a difficult situation and places them in their shoes for being rude to Amy.

Amy is no solace, as she feel self-conscious about their statements.

Bobby Beale is also saddened about his mother Kathy Beale selling Walford East, and he''s grateful when a sympathetic Dana Monroe gets to meet him for a drink.

On BBC One, it is on Thursday at 7:30 pm. All of this week''s episodes will be available on iPlayer from Monday 8 August.

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