spoilers for EastEnders: Can Stacey Slater persuade Jean to return?

spoilers for EastEnders: Can Stacey Slater persuade Jean to return?

In Thursday''s episode of (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings) Stacey Slater encourages Jean Slater to look beyond her future.

After discovering her hiding out at the caravan park with Big Mo Harris, Stacey Slater is deciding to return to the Square.

Jean drew her hats in favor of staying away from the Square, claiming that the locals will all be judged for her recent bipolar episode.

It''s Jean''s granddaughter Lily Slater who''s putting things to the test the most, and she starts to feel relieved as Stacey talks to her grandma, especially after everything she did for her gran when she was ill.

Later, the family sits down with Martin Fowler to discuss things through, and Martin shares some moving words with Jean in the hopes that it will reach her.

Will Jean see the sense in their words with pressure from all sides and agree to return to Walford?

Amy Branning is struggling with the beauty of being a teenager and all of the difficulties it brings with it. Denise Fox and Chelsea Fox express their displeasure for the youngster and are eager to assist her.

Chelsea is furious when she realizes that Denzel hasn''t apologized to Amy for being rude to her. She gives him and Nugget a roasting over their behavior and reactions.

Will the boys listen to Chelsea''s remarks and make things up with Amy?

Rocky Cotton''s eye on Bobby Beale and Dana Monroe is widening, and he''s convinced that they both have a different story to share!

He''s certain that the actors are keen to return, but the two are both too shy to say.

After Dana and Bobby shared their views, they''re sharing their favorite drinks, just as friends, after Dana wanted to congratulate Bobby on the decision to sell Walford East.

After Rocky''s comments, the pair sat down for a drink.

Is Rocky right, and do they want to start seeing each other again, or has he just put a spanner in the works for their friendship?

On BBC One, on Monday at 7:30 pm, all episodes of this week''s will be available on iPlayer starting Monday 8 August.

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