Frank Grillo Discusses Juliette Binoche & Lamborghini on Paradise Highway

Frank Grillo Discusses Juliette Binoche & Lamborghini on Paradise Highway

Frank Grillo is always looking for new roles as a performer. While the majority of his work is mostly acting, he''ll stumble upon more dramatic works on the occasion that allows him to stand up for the task. In her directorial theatrical debut, Diane Mackie talked about working with Binoche, writer Anna Gutto, and his upcoming biopic on Ferruccio Lamborghini.

What drew you to Paradise Highway? Frank Grillo: I thought the script was brilliant. Juliette was already attached. Anna was an inspiration and she informed me Morgan Freeman was signing on. So it was sort of a no-brainer.

BC: What were your first impressions when you met with Anna and the way she performed? Grillo: It''s interesting as a first-timer; she was well-prepared, particularly in her vision of the film and what she should be. I had all my confidence in her as a director and collaborator. She was fantastic to work with.

BC: Before you filming the role, did you get too deep into human trafficking, because that''s not what my character was, and he was not adept at human trafficking, but caught up in a situation. My concern was childhood trauma and abuse, which I had similar research from several previous films.

BC: How do you transition from chemistry with Juliette? Grillo: Juliette''s and [my characters] came from this world of abuse, where we were eventually separated. There was a long period that we didn''t see each other, which I never imagined. It was difficult to imagine a balance between two things, and it was engaging. Working with her is at the top of the food chain.

BC: I see that you''ll be participating in a biopic about Lamborghini. Can you tell me a little bit about it, or how it ended, and how it ended before Ferruccio Lamborghini''s life? Grillo: It''s an important journey for me to travel with everybody. Everybody has an Oscar. [laughs]

BC: Is it returning to kind of my acting roots? I had a dialect coach and an Italian coach. It''s very good to say that I had to get ready for the movie in October, but I did not have much time to write it. It''s a fantastic picture for me to play because I''m not killing anyone, and I''m not being killed. So, I''m very pleased.

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