Kelly Neelan slams Stu in Coronation Street as a slam

Kelly Neelan slams Stu in Coronation Street as a slam

In tonight''s episode of (8.00pm, see our TV Guide for full listings). Kelly Neelan is determined to prove Stus innocence.

Kelly Neelan is shocked to read on social media about Stu''s past and vows to get his story back.

Zeedan returns from his holiday and Alya updates him on Stu and how worried she is about the effects the bombshell has on Yasmeen. Kelly and Aadi discover Stu lying in the street, drunk and barely conscious, and call an ambulance.

When Kelly is informed that Stus is awake, she is ready to answer some difficult questions about his past. Later, Yasmeen appears by Stus'' hospital bed but won''t hear him out. Stu barks that she''s capable of being a nuisance and is very disgruntled.

Ryan is charged and ordered to attend magistrates court tomorrow as Craig confirms that the CCTV footage is credible evidence against him. Ryan tells Debbie to stage fake CCTV footage of a masked gunman forcing him to steal the bistro, but she refuses to cooperate. Later, Ronnie intercepts Ryan in trying to remove the Bistro camera himself and advises him to accept his punishment.

Jennys is irritated that Leo didn''t discuss making a trip to Canada with her, while Daisy encourages Jenny to go for it. Later, Jenny explains Daniel her intention to run the Rovers in her absence, and accuses Daisy of wanting to rid her.

Eileen assumes Sean is chasing Laurence, the handsome dentist he met at the wake. Glenda vows to hunt him down on Sean''s behalf. George admires his sisters chutzpah while Eileen is mildly depressed.

Leanne invites Toyah to go inside with her at Victoria Court, admiting that Spider told her how sorry she was. Toyah thanks Spider for pointing out her.

On Wednesday, the conversation will continue.

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