Fortnite: a Fortnite game - Epics' era-defining work in progress

Fortnite: a Fortnite game - Epics' era-defining work in progress

Epic Games developed the term "Snapshot" to describe, in-universe, why its battle royale matches might feature multiple people playing as the same Fortnite character, or why seemingly singular characters available in Fortnite - like Peely the banana, or The Rock, or Wolverine - may reappear under different roles.

What is a Snapshot? Dear reader, these are questions for another time. However, the general term, at least, has stuck with me as I try to recap up what Fortnite was, and is, and will be. The first time Eurogamer ever covered Fortnite in detail was a peek of this now long-sidelined mode.

I''d say that four years ago, as Fortnite''s rapidly-thrown-together battle royale was blowing up and footballers were doing its dances in World Cup matches, it was likely the next big Thing. Three years ago, Fortnite was established as a phenomenon, an industry-leading showcase of engine mastery and live service development that might easily dodge in-game situations. No problem. Stage a gigantic monster versus mech fight and invite everyone in to see it live? You got it.

Donald Mustard of Epic Games on stage at The Game Awards in December 2018, empting the majority of the entertainment industry by declaring Fortnite as a metaverse. He said the program would expand into a space where all kinds of IPs and experiences could interact, prior to a year that saw Fortnite fill itself with a phenomenal Travis Scott concert series and a season completely dedicated to Marvel. It''s from here, really, where I feel like the game''s momentum is still rolling.

Fortnite is now one of the world''s largest games, and the past 12 months have shown exactly why. Among those features, such as a massive moving system, a fantastic new Chapter 3 map, and endless gameplay additions, as well as riding animals, and perhaps most inspiring, the recently-launched Zero Build mode where Epic slammed one of Fortnite''s initial core components to the delight of many people.

The present season, which is expected to take a break in narrative following this spring''s momentous in-game battle, has brought years of narrative to a head. Bombs are back, which is nice. There are challenges to rebuild Tilted Towers, join in with the Island''s summer parties, and also investigate that enormous reality-warping tree that is causing a scarcity throughout the map. Even in peacetime, the next on-Island drama never appears far away.

I''m more excited for what Fortnite will be in the near future, as Epic continues to evolve this game, or platform, or metaverse (sorry) we currently know as Fortnite in something else entirely. The next big step? It''s all about improving Fortnite''s user-created modes, which have been granted extensive worldwide use over the past year, and all are now given equal billing in its menus. Already, Fortnite''s huge battle royale mode may become just another component in the future.

Fortnite today is a fun battle royale shooter, a user-created content platform, and a spot where Peely the banana and Darth Vader will appear on screen at the same time. This is, for now, a story that remains alive. Ask me in six months.

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