Kate Bush is the best musician to compete with Dungeons &Dragons

Kate Bush is the best musician to compete with Dungeons &Dragons

Watching Max Watch Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) by Kate Bush during the most recent season of Netflix series Stranger Things made me choppy.

Although I am loving Kate Bush since my mother purchased a lilac-coloured vinyl called Hounds of Love, watching one of her best songs take narrative and theme back to life.

It''s also a series that primarily focuses on nostalgia from the Cold War and the 1980s, but it also a show that often features actors playing tablestop roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons, particularly in Season 4.

Through Season 4, Vecna, the main antagonist of Stranger Things, has mentioned the fantasy game in the first episode. Despite the fact that several major characters form a tense clash with a powerful enemy in the first episode, The Upside Down is populated by a wide range of terrifying monsters, from Elevens to Eddies bard-like performances.

It''s safe to say that Dungeons & Dragons is a key component of Stranger Things fourth season, and Kate Bushs is running up That Hill, but why exactly do these two cultural aspects work so well together?

Kate Bush has an exceptionally diverse discography, with each new album bringing something different to the table. Running Up That Hill is taken from Hounds of Love, perhaps the most well-known album and her best, in my humble opinion. The album itself is a revolutionary step in the transformation of progressive rock, with Bush using synthesizers, guitars, drum machines, and orchestral music to inspire fear, wonder, sadness, and more. All in all, it''s a masterpiece.

Kate Bush is also an incredible lyricist, combining different techniques for songs with other techniques such as a cockney thief and a musical rendition of an entire section of James Joyces Ulysses (The Sensual World). Whether it''s the frightening possibility of an evil presence in Waking the Witch found on Hounds of Loves'' second side, or a woman seeking revenge for her in The Wedding List from 1980s Never for Ever.

Her musicality is matched with something from another world. This is why it is so fitting that it could be avoided by Vecna in the Upside Down. As a result, Bush''s voice and the rumbling drums of the music make Max back from the other plane, making it simple to believe that it would work. Kate Bush''s music is reminiscent of her second album Lionheart, where she is wearing a lion suit for her druid form.

kate bush as dnd classes: a threadpaladin / cleric / ranger / bard pic.twitter.com/QAjU4eB0p1

Bushs songs are primarily directed to transport you to other locations and introduce you to other people. Cloudbusting is the story of a married couple who believes her husband is being unfaithful and Deeper Understanding is the same as that of a lonely person whose only companion is a computer. Although these tales may not appear in a traditional D&D series, Kate Bush does not imply anything about adventuring parties defeating Beholders or raiding ancient tombs, but she does provide narrative music. What does your

Before playing, be sure to whack on some The Kick Inside or The Sensual World.

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