Urusei Yatsura and Other Classic Anime Will Be Available on Blu Ray

Urusei Yatsura and Other Classic Anime Will Be Available on Blu Ray

Discotek Media announced a series of new classic anime Blu-ray releases. The first one is a Blu-ray version of the TV anime series with English subtitles. Discotek Media is planning a release sometime in 2023. The release will not include any additional features or content.

The aka or, is a manga series adapted for the same name. It follows Ataru and the alien princess Lum, who mistakenly believes Ataru to be her new husband. In 1977, Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of and publisher, first serialized the manga in 1978, and soon followed it in 1981.

All 195 episodes of the anime will be covered in the new Blu-ray release. This series will include Japanese audio with English subtitles. Notably, these subtitles were inspired by the original AnimEigo subtitle scripts. The company''s founder was involved in developing custom programming for the company.

Urusei Yatsura: The TV Series!

Over 4 sets, all 195 episodes!

We began with the @AnimEigo scripts and are going through them in detail. (Thanks Robert Woodhead!)

Urusei Yatsura receives no extras. pic.twitter.com/CYszqCJii8

????Discotek Media (@discotekmedia) July 31, 2022

The following are some of the most recent Discotek Media releases:

Takahashi predicted a remake of the series in 2022. David Production is directing the series. It will start airing in October 2022.

Discotek Media will release the original TV anime on Blu-ray sometime in 2023. It will have English subtitles. There is no confirmed release date or price.

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