Blizzard to Stream Warcraft Competition: The WoW Variety Show

Blizzard to Stream Warcraft Competition: The WoW Variety Show

Blizzard Entertainment has a new show on the way to be livestreamed later this month called. This is a three-event live show that will be held on twitch beginning on August 24th. Players in North America may register for the show with signups open until 11AM PT on August 15th. There will also be four celebrity contestants in the mix, disclosed at a later date.

As they compete in a triathlon of unique WoW activities, a mix of well-known Celebrity Contestants and community members will learn in-game knowledge, leveling, and speed. In our specially-tailored segments, players will have to show off their in-game abilities for bragging rights over their fellow heroes, as well as a variety of giveaway prizes. Read on for details of each event before you get to the live on Twitch!

Leveling: We''ve seen how some of our favorite friendly faces can do at max level, but now we''re returning to where it all began. Four Celebrity Contestants will have exactly one hour to level a new character as high as possible, with a slew of additional challenges to contend with along the way!

Scavenger Hunt: From lore to unsolved mysteries, the universe is filled with all sorts of hidden items. Teams of five will need to collaborate, making the most of their time scour the areas and complete as many scavenger tasks as possible! Make a comeback today, because spots are limited.

Footrace Through Azeroth:The last activity begins with a test of speed and strategy, as players will not fight without flight on a footrace! Grab your ground-mounts and gosign-up today. May the fastest hero win!

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