Clue, a co-op board game version of Almost Innocentis

Clue, a co-op board game version of Almost Innocentis

In the board game "Almost Innocent," you can work together to prove your innocence.

Almost Innocent, a board game created after a party gone wrong, challenges players to find the evidence they need to prove that they were absolutely responsible. Despite the accusations being follyed at the players and their fellow partygoers, the group will need to work together to identify the appropriate clues to answer the correct questions. However, players will not be responsible for proving their own innocence, but for other players.

Players in the deduction co-op game will be faced with a variety of scenarios, each one resulting in each player being accused of a specific crime. The charges will depend on whichever scenario players have chosen, with the necessary clues being provided. Each player will have a hand of clues to help them in deducing the real story behind the crime, which they must disclose in order to get them off their charges.

Players will be able to choose from a variety of questions that will be helpful to them as well as the rest of the players. Almost Innocent, a classic family board game, has a mission to identify the perpetrator, as well as the weapon used, and the location it took in before the time runs out. As a narrative-driven game, players will also be able to developing new rules, gameplay mechanics, and abilities for them to use.

Satoshi Matsuura has previously created artwork for titles such as the social deduction game Hidden Leaders and the set collection title Vivarium for Almost Innocent.

Matagot and Kolossal Games are co-publishing Almost Innocent, with Matagot being best known for Kemet, Cyclades, and Inis, as the villains in the epic Western Legends series.

According to BoardGameGeek, Almost Innocent will be released sometime next year, with a retail price still to be confirmed.

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