What is the foundation of the film Purple Hearts?

What is the foundation of the film Purple Hearts?


It''s a Netflix romance that has captivated film-goers everywhere.

The emotional film follows Cassie (Sofia Carson) and troubled marine Luke (Nicholas Galitzine, who have agreed to marry purely for military benefits. However, their pretend marriage soon becomes complicated when real feelings blossom between them (check out our closing page if you want to know how it finishes! ).

We witness the couple enter a rollercoaster of excitement and scary confrontations throughout the film.

What is the foundation of the romance? Who came up with the idea of romantic drama? Read below to get started!

What is the movie Purple Hearts based on?

Tess Wakefield''s book, which is named after the same name, is based on the book. (opens in a new tab)

The official plot of the novel says that when a soldier with a distant past and a struggling songwriter agree to a military arrangement, neither expects much after saying I do. Finally tragedy strikes, and the line between whats real and whats pretend begins to blur in this clever and surprising romance suitable for Nicholas Sparks and Jojo Moyes.

The authors'' first adult novel has received rave reviews from readers.

What is a Purple Heart?

The Purple Heart medal is given to US military personnel who were injured or murdered during a battle.

After being wounded in action, Luke discovers that his father, Jacob, received the Purple Medal.

During the battle in Iraq, Luke will be given the Purple Heart medal.

Despite being apprehended for his familiar marriage, he''s stunned to discover that he was still awarded the medal.

Netflix is now available for download.

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