Prey Director Sheds Light on The Initial Predator Reveal Plan

Prey Director Sheds Light on The Initial Predator Reveal Plan

The release of the pseudo-prequel-ish film to the franchise titled (it''s at least a prequel on the timeline of the franchise) is now coming out this week! For being a film that''s been in development for a long time, the hyped genre release has provided us our first return to the franchise in over five years, putting it in a lot of effort to keep the blood pumping.

In a fresh conversation with director Dan Trachtenberg, he revealed what might have been (in his perfect world) prior to the trailer''s release, and the director notes, "We started developing this when 2018''s The Predator movie was still prepping or perhaps it was in production." "What would happen if we put out a trailer that is just the first act of this movie?"

"And then when that last film came out, we would add the entire trailer. "And then you would see the bear sequence, where the bear is lifted up, and the blood drips down and releases the Predator," he said. "It''s a little unusual if we could have kept it secret the whole time," he said. "I think that''s a bit less realistic, therefore I thought that marketing might have done that trick."

Would you have liked it now that we know that the film might have been a secretive title with the potential to undermine a connection out of the blue?

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