In the near future, Wo Long and Team Ninjas Nioh will be demoed

In the near future, Wo Long and Team Ninjas Nioh will be demoed

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Given the lower impact of this summer''s gaming push, I wouldn''t blame you for forgetting, but the Later Han Dynasty''s dark fantasy version in action game form will be released. However, once the demo is released, so you''ll probably be hearing about it then!

Yep, the game''s official Twitter account is starting their marketing campaign early, mentioning that the game will include sorcery elements, as well as online multiplayer, a morale system, a character creator, and more.The last factor is the most important: a gameplay trial in the near future.

Team Ninja will continue to test out their action game via rigorous game trials, which will also serve as a beta of sorts. It allows the studio to reevaluate their internal meta, adjust things like mechanics, animations, and difficulty curves, and highlights even the quality of life features.

Both entries have been boosted by good beta-to-launch upgrades and bug-fed post-launch patches. This will take a lot of time to assess and adjust if the plan is effective in the near future.

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The Fallen Dynasty in Wo Long (@WoLongOfficial) July 28, 2022

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