Gloomwood Early Access has been postponed, and Ultrakill Act 2 is in its current position

Gloomwood Early Access has been postponed, and Ultrakill Act 2 is in its current position

New Blood announces two dates at once

While the date for one game is changing for a few weeks, another is sliding in to take its place. Publisher New Blood confirms that its Early Access launch will be pushed back, withtaking its spot.

While the immersive simwas expected to launch Early Access on August 16, the game will require some time to come together. A few issues have arisen in the last months, as well as some development teams attempting to reset the release date by three weeks, to September 6.

We have decided to postpone the launch of Gloomwood Early Access (but only by three short weeks) until September 6th.

For the first time since August 16, there is no doubt that you will be afraid.


New Blood Interactive (@NewBlood) August 2, 2022

It''s a little extra time for those who have been patiently waiting, but from the ash comes a fresh launch to take place. New Blood confirms that the second act of, a retro-inspired FPS inspired by the 90s, will be released on August 16th.

So far, Steams users reviews have received an overwhelming positive feedback. Although it is only $20 at the moment, the price will be rising on August 16 with the introduction of Act 2.

Hot swap launches

While enthusiasts may be waiting a bit longer for their particular immersive sim, there is at least moreon the way to go. Both seem to scratch an itch of retro-inspired first-person PC gaming, in their own little way;in sneaking and surviving, and in over-the-top shooter fashion.

It''s a fun swap that New Blood has made, and i''m down with it. Plus,also has a pre-alpha demo on its Steam page right now, if you''re keen to try it out.also has a demo, and Act 1 is currently in Early Access.

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