The release date, what happens, animals, an interview, and more on the 2022 series

The release date, what happens, animals, an interview, and more on the 2022 series

When the hit BBC1 series returns for the summer, Megan McCubbin joins Kate Humble and Ben Fogle. We''ll also catch up with the keepers and a brand new koala baby.

Megan McCubbin of course is the stepdaughter of TV nature expert Chris Packham and has already written about himself in previous episodes such as and. She''s now pleased to join Ben and Michaela in Animal Park.

"I remember seeing Animal Park when I was young," she said of the event. "It''s surreal to be presenting it and educating people about the amazing animals that live at Longleat," Chris said in a recent interview. "But luckily Chris is always a phone call away for advice. He''s been in the industry for a really long time and he''s a good person to learn from."

So here''s everything you need to know about BBC1''s 2022 series...

Animal Park release date

On BBC1, a weekday morning from Tuesday to Friday, starting at 9.15am. Episodes will also be available on BBCiPlayer.

What happens in Animal Park 2022?

Megan McCubbin is thrown in at the deep end when she is tasked with letting the parks tigers into their pond to encourage them to use their natural swimming abilities. However, things don''t go to plan before Megan knows it, and sisters Amur tigers Yana and Yuki start fighting over the meat that has been placed in the pond to tempt them in!

"We wanted to try and give them an enrichment program to help their brains and physical health function function efficiently." Megan said. "But it was really interesting to see how they interacted with one another and how protective they were of the food! We also had a GoPro camera that the mother, Yana, ran off with. Luckily it didnt get damaged!"

Kate Humble and Ben Fogle discuss lion behaviour, assist an elderly pygmy goat with a dry skin problem, and get excited about a new koala baby born at the park. It''s all part of the adventure for Megan, who believes becoming a member of the program is a dream come true!

More from Megan McCubbin on Animal Park 2022

Tell us about your involvement in Animal Park Megan: "I''ve come into the show with a different perspective, and this is how we get all of these little nuggets of fantastic science out there, like the fact that an elephants trunk is actually the most sensitive organ in the mammalian world. Throughout the series, I want people to go, wow!

Are there any animals you meet during the series that surprised you? Megan says: "I had a great time seeing the camels. I didn''t know what to expect, but they were just stunning. They are so funny, and they''ve got a lot of soft lips! I also had no experience dealing with any huge emperor scorpions before, and it was remarkable to experience one in my hand, they have the most beautiful exoskeletons that shine different shades in different lights. So it''s not

"It was fantastic, but it''s quite different," says the filmmaker. Obviously with the Watches, you''ll often sit for hours and hours hoping that you''re going to get a glimpse of an animal you''re looking for, even if it''s just a tail or a wing or a hint or something! With this show, we knew the animals we wanted to film were going to be there, unless they were having a shower day. So that made a fantastic change!"

"It''s really important," Megan says of young people who are more motivated, knowledgeable, and apt to be well-known about climate change than ever before. It''s incredible to see young people being so passionate and taking a stand and using their voice to convey their message to others. I''m very honoured to be part of that generation that''s making a difference or at least trying to."

"Yeah, always. We''re close to everybody. If there''s a question or something I want to do past him, then the phone is always there and vice versa." Anyway, I''ve just received a message from him asking me to go and collect some red squirrel poo for a talk he''s doing! But he''s been in the industry for a quite long time and he''s a fantastic person to learn. I''ll always continue learning from him!"

"My favourite animal is changing every day," Megan says. They are the most adorable animals with the most beautiful characters, and they live in the trees of Central America and some parts of South America. They are nocturnal animals with these big eyes, and they also omnivores. Apparently, it''s to keep all of the juice in their mouth, which is incredible. And when a kinkajou rolls over to eat a grape, you can''t help but melt!"

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