Meet the Bullet Train cast member who stars in Brad Pitt's action blockbuster

Meet the Bullet Train cast member who stars in Brad Pitt's action blockbuster

The entire trailer for Brad Pitt is scheduled to release on August 5 worldwide (UK August 3). The cast includes a triad of prominent names and familiar faces joining up the roster of assassins, ensuring a not-so-ordinary train ride.

Based on the novel by Kotaro Isaka, this story tells an unlucky assassin who wishes to do his job peacefully after one too many jobs go off the rails. However, Fate may have other ambitions, as Ladybug''s latest mission carries him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from all over the globe, all with important, yet conflicting goals.

Before you watch, meet the cast of actors and who they are playing right here.

Meet the Bullet Train cast who''''s who...

Brad Pitt as Ladybug

Brad Pitt stars as Ladybug, who only wants to take things easy with his next job. Thoughts, things arent going to be that straightforward considering the gallery of other assassins on board.

Pitt had been on the big screen since 2019, when he played in and his Oscar-winning role in. Hes back in 2022 with a trio of films, including a supporting role in the now streaming, and the upcoming film from director Damien Chazelle.

Sandra Bullock as Maria Beetle

The film for Sandra Bullocks'' character, Maria, has not been seen in the trailers; as she is heard mostly in voiceover as Ladybugs (Brad Pitt) contact. However, the role has much greater significance than that considering the original title for the Isakas book that was based on.

Bullock and Pitt are to play the stars for the second time in 2022, with the other being.

Bullock may be the last time we see him on the big screen for a while, as the actress told CBS Sunday Morning (opens in a new tab) in March 2022 that her "work in front of the camera needs to take a break." She hasn''t seen any acting projects yet, according to the IMDb (opens in a new tab).

Joey King as Prince

Joey King is one of the many characters who enjoy Brad Pitts Ladybug in the film. Even though Kings'' appearance and appearance may make it seem she isn''t as much of a threat, it''s important to think that''s just a little deception and she''ll be as amazing as anyone else.

Since King''s most recent film, (streaming exclusively on Hulu), saw her play the titular character. If you are wondering where else youve ever seen King over the years, she has also starred in the Netflixs franchise and the TV miniseries.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine

Aaron Taylor-Johnson appears to be one of the most powerful antagonists in Tangerine, as he and Pitt appear in the movie''s fight sequences, intense and funny. We also know that Tangerine is closely connected to Lemon, who is played by Brian Tyree Henry.

Taylor-Johnson is well versed in the action genre, having played Pietro Maximoff in and as a musician. In 2023, Taylor-Johnson will return to the superhero genre, leading the spinoff film,.

Brian Tyree Henry as Lemon

Lemon is played by Brian Tyree Henry, who plays Taylor-Johnsons Tangerine. It''s easy to wait and see what Lemon and Tangerine are after on the train, but the pair is quite hysterical.

Henry has made a name for himself since he started producing the TV series. On the big screen, some of Henry''s biggest roles have come in, (and its upcoming sequel), and. Movie enthusiasts may see him in 2022 as well.

Hiroyuki Sanada as The Elder

He will play one of Hollywood''s most famous actors today, with Hiroyuki Sanada playing a character named The Elder. But you should not let the name fool you, because he is quite likely to be dangerous as anyone on the train.

While you may not be familiar with Sanada by name, its almost guaranteed that youve seen him previously. Just in the last few years hes appeared in, and. Some of his previous credits include, and.

Benito A Martinez Ocasio (aka Bad Bunny) is the new Wolf.

As he plays Wolf in, Bad Bunny goes from music to acting. Even if the latter doesn''t remember it, we know that this character has a personal beef with Ladybug (Pitt).

Bad Bunny, who is being knighted for his real name Benito A Martinez Ocasio in the film, has been dealing with acting for the past years. The Grammy winner first appeared on screen in and appeared in several episodes of.

Andrew Koji as Kimura

In any of the promotional materials, Andrew Kojis'' character hasn''t been seen much. Though with previous credits that include and, it''s fair to assume that he will be playing another assassin on the train.

Michael Shannon as White Death

Michael Shannon stars in with the awkward character name White Death. He earns that distinction from how the rest of the characters talk about him as he leads a gang of assassins, who appears to be waiting for anyone else to arrive.

Shannon is an Oscar-nominated actor for his roles in and. His other well-known roles include playing General Zod in,,, and. Hes also scheduled to appear in the film in 2022.

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